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Prima Game of the Week | Spider-Man

by Josh Hawkins

Why You Should Play

  • Massive world to explore and web-sling through.
  • Plenty of collectibles, side quests and story missions to keep you busy.
  • Strong story that includes many iconic Spider-Man universe characters.
  • Great combat and web-slinging mechanics that make exploration a joy.

One of the biggest promises set by Insomniac Games when they first announced Spider-Man was that the game would offer a living and believable Manhattan for players to explore and work within. Not only have they managed to capture that feeling, but they also took it a step further by offering up a fantastic combat and movement system that makes moving around in the world fluid in everyday movements, as well as combat itself. It’s a very nice mix that creates a fantastic environment to dive in and enjoy.


In Spider-Man, the main gameplay revolves heavily around swinging around the city, taking out bad guys, and completing side quests and main story missions. Along the way player scan also pick up an assortment of different collectibles and other items, all of which will unlock more lore and backstory everyone’s favorite web-slinger.

One of the most shining parts of Spider-Man’s gameplay, though, is the overall fluidity of the game itself. Swinging around using Parker’s web-slingers feels good and it easily translates from movement to combat with ease. This makes it exceptionally enjoyable to dive in on enemies out of nowhere and jump right into combat—and then back out of it—all without breaking up the feeling and smoothness of the movement system. It’s such a good mix of components that creates an excellent experience overall, making it easy to sink hours into the game.

Visuals and Performance

If you’ve ever played a game by Insomniac Games, then you really shouldn’t be surprised by just how good the visuals are in Spider-Man. Not only does the world look beautiful, but it runs without any big hitches, even as you take on hordes of bad guys. This helps to add to the smoothness and fluidity of the game overall, giving it that buttery feeling that can really make the difference when you’re dealing with large-scale games of this nature.

As we said above, the visuals are fantastic. Not only do the skylines look amazing as you soar through the city but stopping and just enjoying the vistas that are on hand from all the various tall buildings is more than worth the small bit of effort it will take you to climb them. It really is one of the most beautiful games we’ve seen in the superhero genre, and the massive cityscape of Manhattan makes a perfect backdrop for the story that’s being told.

Game of the Week

With such a powerful environment, a selection of iconic Spider-Man characters, and a story that’s well worth diving into, Spider-Man is easily one of the best superhero games we’ve seen hit any console. Insomniac Games did a fantastic job weaving Peter Parker’s story together with the Sinister Six, and there’s so much to do that players will find themselves diving back in long after the main story is completed. The fluidity of movement and combat meshes so well together, creating a smooth and buttery experience that makes it easy to swing around, dropping in and out of combat without any big hitches. With so much to offer Spider-Man has more than earned a post as our Prima Game of the Week.

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