The father of Metal Gear Solid and the upcoming Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima, has always been a huge movie buff - something he's never tried to hide in the past. He's also no stranger to thrilling action sequences which leads us to our excuse to gush about him even more when the creator drew comparisons between Marvel's Spider-Man and iconic Japanese superheroes. 

The Death Stranding creator recently sat down with the team over at Famitsu and it was there that Kojima noted how Spider-Man is similar to heroes like Kamen Rider and Tiger Mask. "He's a hero with worries, and that's similar to Japanese heroes," Kojima said.

Kojima-san definitely isn't impressed by riches and flare as he revealed to the site that flawless superheroes held no appeal to him. He also mentioned that outside of Spider-Man, he is also a fan of the Flash and the CW's TV series. "Don't you think how Spider-Man was originally a normal person who, because of an accident, became a masked superhero has similarities to Kamen Rider," Kojima asked.

For a little backstory on Kamen Rider, he was a Regular Joe before he was transformed into a mutant grasshopper which then led to his kidnapping by a menacing terrorist organization. That trauma had consequences which inevitably led to a sordid life of crime. 

Spider-Man, though not a criminal, did gain his powers through unusual means via infection, drawing more than a few similarities with some of the other superheroes that Kojima-san admires. It's interesting to hear his take on Spidey and how it relates to local favorites, which also comes at the most opportune time with Spider-Man: Far From Home now in theaters.