Super Mario Run is jam packed with things to do. Players can compete in a special competive mode, build their own Mushroom Kingdom, or save Princess Peach from the evil clutches of Mario’s arch nemesis in the game’s short campaign. There are also special coins hidden throughout the various levels, and for this guide we’ll be showing you how to find and obtain all the Black Coins hidden in Super Mario Run. These are the final set of Challenge Coins on each level, so you’ll need to find and acquire the other two sets before you can grab these. Grabbing all these coins will allow you to purchase the Black Coin Pipe, which unlocks a special mini-game.

World 1-1

Once the world starts, continue forward and grab the Mushrooms out of the Question Blocks ahead. Keep running forward until you spot a set of three blocks hanging in the sky. You’ll need to wall jump off these blocks to grab the Black Coin above.

The next Black Coin is found just after the first two sets of Goombas walking towards Mario. Jump onto the double set of Question Blocks, and then tap and hold your finger on the screen to jump onto the set of three clouds holding this Black Coin.

The third Black Coin for this world can be found a bit further into the level. Look out for a set of several solid blocks, and a gap that drops far to the bottom of the screen. The Black Coin is hidden right along the edge of the end of the world, so you’ll have to be quick to grab it and not fall to your death.

From the third Black Coin, continue along until you hit a Pause Block. There’s a Question Block just ahead that you’ll have to jump to. Hop to it, then immediately tap jump off of the black to reach another block. Wall jump off that block to land on the set of clouds above, and then jump up to grab this Black Coin.

The final Black Coin in this level can be found further through the level. After passing the next set of Goombas, look out for a group of three blocks, one Question Block and two solid blocks all in a row. Hit the far left solid black to grab this Black Coin and finish nabbing them all.

World 1-2

Start off the level and grab the mushroom before wall jumping up to continue. The first Black Coin in this level is found by wall jumping up the shaft with all the coins directly above where you start. Look out for the coin, which is situated at the end of a line of yellow coins in the top left corner. Wall jump up there to grab it.

Head through the pipe and into the second area of the level. The second Black Coin can be found by wall jumping all the way to the top of the shaft with the springboard at the bottom, just past the first Piranha Plant that you see. There’s a single Question block on the left side of the area that you can hit to grab the coin.

The third Black Coin in this level can be found after passing through the second pipe. Slide down the hill, jumping at the last second to grab onto the wall and wall jump up to a higher area. Follow the path to a large swath of coins and then wall slide down the wall after grabbing the Black Coin.

Move through the third pipe and jump up the shaft with all the coins on either side. There’s a Question block at the top that is a bit tricky to hit. Nailing it will nab the fourth Black Coin.

For the Fifth Black Coin, head through the fourth pipe in the level. Jump past the two vertically facing Piranha Plants, and then wall jump up shaft with all the coins and the two Piranha Plants near the top. It can be a bit tricky to nab this Black Coin off the wall just above the second plant, but if you manage to time it just right, you can grab it and jump away before the enemy moves back into place.

World 1-3

The first Black Coin for this level can be found hanging in the air just past the first green platform. It’s a bit tricky to hit, so try to time your jump just perfectly with the nearby flying Koopa so that you bounce off its head and spiral up onto the platforms above where you can continue running.

The second Black Coin is just as tough to nab as the first. Continue through the level, past the solid ground area, and then climb up to the top platforms by hopping onto a Koopa’s head and jumping up to a line of coins. Follow the coins forward and jump top land on a flying Koopa that will bounce you up and into the coin.

The third Black Coin is found just beyond the special Red Ring. Hop onto the Question blocks nearby on the red platform, and then jump onto the flying Koopa to get thrust higher into the air. You’ll need to spiral while falling to prolong the drop and grab the coin.

The fourth Black Coin is the hardest to get in this level. Continue forward until you can reach an orange platform with several coins on it. Drop off the platform to land on a Koopa, that will thrust you upward and onto another Koopa. Bouncing off the second Koopa will kick you higher, back onto the platforms, while also allowing you to nab the fourth Black Coin.

World 1-3’s final Black Coin can be found further through the level. Stick to the lower platforms to ensure you don’t miss it, and then look for it hanging low alongside the wall of a solid piece of the level. Let Mario run off the platform just before it, then grab it and immediately jump back up to keep moving forward.

World 1-4

Head forward from the start and immediately hit the backward blocks to jump back onto a small ledge. Jump onto the solid block above, and then jump once more to nab the first Black Coin in the level.

The second Black Coin can be found at the end of the platform with the three Dry Bones, just beyond the set of three Question blocks. Use the Dry Bones are springboards to jump into the air, and then twirl to stay up long enough to grab the coin.

The third Black Coin is hidden in a solid block just beyond several Lava Bubbles. Look for a set of backwards blocks that you can jump on to gain access to a higher platform. Then jump onto the handholds and right them to the end, jumping to a platform with two Question blocks surrounding a solid block. Hit the solid block to grab the coin.

Just ahead from the last coin, look for a set of three backwards blocks. Hit them and then immediately jump to grab the Black Coin hiding in this corner of the level. Use the handholds to continue forward.

Continue through the level until you find another set of backwards blocks. The final Black Coin can be seen just above them. Hit the Dry Bones, and then jump onto the backwards blocks to be propelled up onto the wall. Jump forward to grab the coin and then beat the level to claim your victory.

World 2-1

To nab the first Black Coin you’ll have to distract the Boo in the first room. To do this, grab the mushroom from the bottom row of blocks, and then jump past the ghost. This will trigger it, moving it out of the way so you can locate the outline of the Black Coin in the middle of the area. Now simply drop down over the outline to trigger the coin’s spawn, and then move through the area again until you can grab it.

The second Black Coin is in the next room. Take note of the giant Red Circle in the middle of the room. Move through it to trigger the spawning of this coin.

The third Black Coin can also be nabbed from the second room. Take note of all the coins in the top of the level. If you jump up here you can just spot a Black Coin hidden among them. Continue jumping up there, using the nearby blocks as platforms, and you can nab it without too much trouble.

Players can grab the fourth Black Coin in the third room of the level. Look out for the Boo running along the handholds in the middle right area of the level. Get onto the platform on the left, then jump across and nab the Black Coin to claim it.

The final Black Coin in World 2-1 can be found at the end of the bottom line of coin outlines at the very top of the third room. Drop through the outline to trigger it, then jump onto the handholds again and drop over the coin to grab it. Just watch our for the Boo that patrols the handholds.

That’s all the Black Coins we have so far, but we’ll be updating this guide with even more information over the coming days. Check back often for more information about these special collectibles, and be sure to take a look at the video walkthrough provided above. This will give you an even better look at how to collect the coins without running into too much trouble. Head back to our Super Mario Run guide for more in-depth features and articles to help you save Princess Peach and master Toad Rally.