Super Mario 3D World gives a nod to iconic Mario Games, including Super Mario Bros. 2 (with the option to play as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach or Toad) and Super Mario Bros. 3 (the Tanooki Suit makes a welcome reappearance).  Of course, this adventure has plenty of unique elements, beginning with the Super Bell that turns your hero into a Cat; adorable, by the way.

With Bowser terrorizing the innocent, we dove into Nintendo’s charming adventure to create this free guide. In it, we’ll tell you how to find all three Green Stars per level, along with the collectible Stamp. On that note, get ready to master World 4.

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World 4

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 4-1: Ant Trooper Hill

We hope you’re OK with ants, because the little buggers have taken over this course, but don’t fear. Cat Mario has this covered.

How do I find the Green Stars in Ant Trooper Hill?

Green Star #1

When you exit the first cave, head all the way to the right and use Cat Mario to climb up the wall. The Green Star is at the top.

Tip: Cat Mario makes beating this course much easier. Don’t fight the meow.

Green Star #2

After collecting Green Star #1, head across the bridge. Don’t attack the giant ants exiting the cave on the left. Instead, hitch a ride on one of them to avoid the spikes, but first, take the green pipe that leads to Green Star #2. You’ll need Cat Mario to climb the wall while avoiding the ants. 

Green Star #3

Now that you grabbed the second Green Star, get on board another ant to easily nab the third.

Tip: Mario bounces on the ants’ heads. You’ll need to carefully maneuver the left analog stick to maintain his balance.

Where is the Stamp in Ant Trooper Hill?

It’s inside the first cave, sitting atop a platform guarded by eight ants.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 4-2: Piranha Creeper Creek

One Piranha Plant is a pain, but these guys take it to a whole other level. They crawl around like snakes!

Tip:Jump on their heads once to stun them, then once more to put them away for good.

How do I find the Green Stars in Piranha Creeper Creek?

Green Star #1

While inside the cave, jump onto the platform with the glowing purple box. This will transport you to a secret area, and you have to jump onto the Piranha Plants’ heads to reach the Green Star, but it’s not as easy as it seems. Our advice? Go with Princess Peach.

Tip:Despite their slithery appearance, these Piranha Plants have limited range, and are therefore easily avoided.

Green Star #2

Wait for the first time Mario can go underwater, and do just that. The second Green Star is within easy reach.

Green Star #3

It’s near the end, in a section with Piranha Plants and rotating lilly pads.  You’ll see a Green Star Ring in the middle of it all. Run through that and collect the eight green coins to receive the third Green Star.

Where is the Stamp in World 4-2 Piranha Creeper Creek?

Just before the green pipe that sends you to the section containing the final Green Star, you’ll see a Piranha Plant slithering in and out of a wall. Jump on its head to access a secret area full of coins and the Stamp at the end.

Tip: DO NOT fall into the purple goop.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 4-A: Brolder Blockade

How do I find the Green Star in Brolder Blockade?

Jump on top of, or Claw Attack, the boulders to stun them. They’ll retreat inside their rocky exteriors. Now you just have to walk up to these oversized pebbles to pick them up and chuck them into the lava.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 4-3:  Beep Block Skyway

Make sure you keep the beat in this musical level! No seriously, tiles disappear and reappear, to a beat that is essentially “beep, beep, beep, switch!” So long as you have the timing down, you’ll breeze through Beep Block Skyway with little trouble.

How do I find the Green Stars in Beep Block Skyway?

Green Star #1

Easily spotted floating above some platforms. Jump as soon as they appear and grab it, then get the heck out of there.

Tip: You’ll need the Double Cherry to activate switches in Beep Block Skyway. The more the merrier.

Green Star #2

Once you reach the Checkpoint Flag and grab the Stamp (see below), head right to an orange box; getting inside transports you to the next part of the course. Avoid the boomerang-throwing enemies and pick up the Double Cherry from the item blocks against the wall. Climb the platforms and enter the green pipe. The idea here is to collect all the blue coins to get the second Green Star. You only get one shot at this, so be quick about it.

Tip:Getting hit with a boomerang causes you to lose one character, so long as you picked up the Double Cherry.

Green Star #3

Very easy so long as you have at least two characters. Before heading to the flagpole, place two heroes on the identical P switches and the third Green Star materializes. Now let’s climb that flagpole and beat this course for good!

Tips: The Double Cherry adds one more character (a carbon copy of the one you chose) to the group. Are they too far apart? Walk into a wall to group them closer together.

Where is the Stamp in Beep Block Skyway?

After hitting the Checkpoint Flag, stand on the platform with the number 4; you need four characters to make this work, obviously. The platform will rise, revealing the Stamp for this course.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 4-4: Big Bounce Byway

It’s all trampolines in this course! Let’s bounce!

How do I find the Green Stars in Big Bounce Byway?

Green Star #1

The first Green Star is at the top of a mountain. You’ll see it sitting on a ledge, and guarded by three metal-looking creatures. Hit one with a fireball to transform it into a spring. Pick up the spring and position it near the Star. Now jump on top of it for a much-needed boost.

Tip: Only one spring monster actually turns into a spring. The others break apart.

Green Star #2

This one’s crazy. After reaching the Checkpoint Flag, head right and you’ll see two orange jump pads moving up and down against a wall to the left. They seem impossible to reach, but you’ll get there with a little persistence. Pick Luigi and use his superior jumping ability. Run towards the wall perpendicular to the pads and wall jump like crazy to get up there. It’s perfectly cool if it takes several attempts. 

Green Star #3

Look for a purple box roughly three quarters of the way through the level. Enter it to access a secret area where the second Green Star resides. Quickly incapacitate a spring creature and use the spring to reach the Star. You only have a certain amount of time to do this. Fail, and you’ll need to restart from the Checkpoint Flag.

Where is the Stamp in Big Bounce Byway?

Near the end. You’ll hitch a ride on a big bouncy mushroom pad, and the Stamp is in between a lot of bugs. Make sure you time those jumps.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 4: Mystery House Mad Dash

We hope you came prepared. There are a whopping 10 Green Stars up for grabs in this course. To obtain each Star, you must clear a short obstacle course within 10 seconds. If you die, you’ll keep each collected Green Star, but you’ll have to run through all 10 obstacle courses to get everything.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 4-5: Spike’s Lost City

Get ready to jump over lots of spiked logs. Don’t worry, you’ll eventually get on a roll. OK we’ll stop.

How do I find the Green Stars in Spike’s Lost City?

Green Star #1

Take the first green pipe you come across. Once inside this new area, turn all the blue switches yellow to release the Green Star. Watch out for those spiked logs!

Tip: Enemies are not impervious to spiked logs.

Green Star #2

Without question one of the toughest Stars to find. You’ll reach a rather large ramp with three creatures rolling spiked logs. There’s also a giant red ring. Run through it and collect the eight red coins to become Cat Mario. From there, hang a sharp left and climb up the arched wall. Once at the top, follow the path all the way to find the second Green Star at the end.

Green Star #3

You’ll find the third Green Star sitting on a platform that bends right and left. You can’t miss it, really. The platforms surrounding it feature spiked logs that roll back and forth, so make sure you time those jumps.

Tip: So long as you reach the Checkpoint Flag, you’ll keep all Green Stars collected, even if you die; providing you continue restarting from that midway point. That said, it is sometimes a good idea to collect the second Green Star per course and then activate the Checkpoint Flag. Saves you from having to grab the same Star repeatedly. Keep in mind not all courses allow this.

Where is the Stamp in Spike’s Lost City?

After leaving the area where you found the first Green Star, you’ll see an red arrow next to five blocks. Ignore it for now. Instead, head left to discover a narrow bridge. The Stamp is at the end.

Super Mario 3D World: How to Beat World 4: Lava Rock Lair

Tip: You need 50 Green Stars to unlock this castle.

How do I find the Green Stars in Lava Rock Lair?

Green Star #1

Stun a rock monster, pick it up and toss it on one of the P switches you encounter early on in the course. Then place your character on the other P switch. A bridge will come down, revealing the first Green Star in the distance.

Tip: Rock monsters eventually wake back up. When they start to shake and sweat, put them down and back away.

Green Star #2

After taking the first horizontal pipe, head right and jump into the glowing purple box. Once inside the secret room, quickly place two rock monsters on the two P switches, then stand on the other one to get the second Green Star. You only have 10 seconds to do this AND collect the Green Star. Fail, and you’ll need to replay the course.

Green Star #3

After collecting the Second Green Star, head straight ahead down the bridge. Stun and then pick up one of the rock monsters. See the Green Star floating on the left? Stand on the metal grate right in front of it, jump into the air and toss the still stunned creature to collect the final Star.

Where is the Stamp in Lava Rock Lair?

After taking the long horizontal pipe, head left and climb up the wall as Cat Mario. The first ledge contains several coins. Climb up to the second ledge for the Stamp.

How to beat the boss in Lava Rock Lair

Wow, it’s a rock monster family! Don’t worry, this battle is easy. Wait for the little monsters to appear. Stun, pick one up and toss it at the big guy. Three hits should do it!