Inventory can be difficult to manage in No Man’s Sky, but we’re here to help you learn how to increase your inventory space so you can hold more items and resources. There are three different inventory spaces in No Man’s Sky. You have exosuit inventory, star ship inventory and multitool inventory. You can’t access ship inventory unless you in the ship or very close to it, and you can’t access exosuit inventory from your ship unless you move the item to your ship inventory. Therefore having more inventory space can be a huge benefit to anyone playing No Man’s Sky.

Exosuit Inventory

To increase the inventory of your exosuit, all you need to do is upgrade the exosuit. The best way to do this is to search for a Drop Pod on any new planet you come across. These are fairly easy to find if you use the Signal Scanners located on planets. Signal Scanners are the structures with orange beams shooting high into the sky, and should be easy to identify while flying around.

Once you find a Signal Scanner, select the Shelters option and that will lead you to the closest Drop Pod. Unfortunately, Drop Pods aren’t the only structures that appear when you search for Shelters. You’ll have to use a bit of trial and error as you weed through abandoned buildings and other structures that are considered shelter as well.

When you find a Drop Pod it always rewards you with an upgrade for your exosuit. However, every time you upgrade your exosuit it costs more and more Units. We’ve gone over some ways you can earn more Units, but if you need the extra inventory, after the first few upgrades it’s going to cost quite a bit.

Star Ship Inventory

While it can cost a lot of Units to increase your exosuit inventory, that’s nothing compared to the cost of increasing your star ship inventory. That’s because you can’t technically increase the inventory of your star ship directly. Instead, you have to actually buy a new star ship that has a larger inventory or cargo capacity.

New star ships can be purchased almost any time you come across one. You’ll find aliens ready to sell you a new ship at space stations or various points of interest. While some new star ships only run a few hundred thousand Units, there are some that run upward of one million Units or more. Luckily you get more than just a cargo hold upgrade when you get a new star ship, especially one that costs over one million Units.

You can check out our No Man’s Sky guide hub for more information on some of the ways you can upgrade your ship, but if you’re looking for more cargo space it’s best to go for a cargo ship. Unfortunately, you can only own one ship at a time, so make sure you know what you’re looking for before you make that purchase.

As always, stay tuned to Prima Games as we offer more tips and tricks for No Man’s Sky in the very near future!