On the course of your task you’ll acquire countless sweet treats that can be fed to your familiars. Treats boost a familiar’s primary ability and also an ability known as familiarity, which reflects how much it likes you.

Treats also fill up your familiars, and they’ll refuse to eat if all 10 of the circles that reflect their stomach capacity are full.

The only way to empty those circles is to work off those calories in combat; each battle you participate in will remove one circle of fullness from each of your familiars.

You can boost each familiar’s abilities by a maximum of 50 points, spread as you choose across its six abilities.

However, you can’t just load them up with treats to give them all 50 points worth of boost right away.

Each familiar has a familiarity bar that consists of five hearts; for each heart that fills up, you can boost them a maximum of 10 ability points.h

Feeding familiars treats will boost their familiarity, with each new level of treat doubling the familiarity gains.

Each familiar also has a favorite type of treat (determined by their genus—see the profiles in the “Familiar Genuses” section above), and when you feed it that treat, pink hearts will rise over its head and it will emit a happy squeal that reflects the double familiarity bonus it receives.

Filling up the first familiarity heart is easy, but each one is harder than the last, and to fill up the later hearts you’ll need to feed your familiars lots of their favorite treats, even if they’ve maxed out the number of bonus ability points they can earn.

Fortunately, you can buy low-level treats in bulk amounts from any Hootique store, so even if the effect of eating them is modest, you can at least keep your familiars full and gradually raise their familiarity.

Once you acquire the alchemy cauldron, you can begin turning the low-level store-bought treats into more effective treats through alchemy.

Most of the ingredients you need to upgrade them are also sold at Hootiques.