There are four Great Fairy locations in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Each one will allow you to enhance your gear, adding more defense and a few special bonuses to boot. Before you can get these bonuses, first you have to find the Great Fairy locations in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, then with each new Great Fairy Fountain you find, additional enhancements will be available. Finding the first Great Fairy location shouldn’t be too much trouble, but we’ve covered all four to make it easier on you!

It’s important to note that these Great Fairy Fountains generally have normal fairies flying around them. You can also find normal fairies at various ponds that are usually located at the top of a mountain, such as the one found south of the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. Collecting these fairies can give you a variety of benefits, but the most important are that they will replenish some of your hearts if you die while at least one fairy is in your inventory, and they can enhance your food if you include them in your dishes. Don’t worry you won’t fry the fairies, they just hover around the pot.

Great Fairy Fountains

Zelda Breath of the Wild Great Fairy Fountain

The first fountain is found near Kakariko Village and the Ta’Loh Naeg shrine. Just continue up the hill where you find the shrine and keep to the left to run into the Great Fairy Fountain. At each fountain you’ll have to pay a fee to unlock it, but once unlocked you can enhance your gear at any of the unlocked fountains. Enhance your gear twice and you’ll start to see bonuses beyond just adding more defense.

Fountain Unlock Costs

  • First Fountain - 100 rupees
  • Second Fountain - 500 rupees
  • Third Fountain - 1,000 rupees
  • Fourth Fountain - 10,000 rupees

In addition to unlocking a fountain, you will need to have specific inventory items in order to enhance Link’s gear. Each item you wish to enhance will require some various monster parts so be sure to kill everything that moves so you have plenty of monster part inventory to burn on enhancements.

Fountain Locations

Cotera - As mentioned previously, the first fountain you’re likely to come across is found near the Ta’Loh Naeg shrine at Kakariko Village. Just continue up the hill where you find the shrine and stay left to run into the Great Fairy Fountain. This is part of the Find the Fairy Fountain main quest, which you can get from Pikango. You can find him wandering around the statue in the center of the village where you can pray to Hylia (right across from Impa’s house).

Zelda Breath of the Wild Great Fairy Fountain

Mija - While you can get the fountains in any order, if you follow the main quest line, Mija’s fountain is likely to be the second one you get close to. When you’re helping the Zora and are tasked with killing the beats on Ploymus Mountain, once you reach the mountain and deal with the task at hand, look out to the north and you’ll see the Dah Hesho shrine below. Glide down to it, then use the glider to reach the forest area east of the shrine where the fountain is found.

Kaysa - The easiest way to find Kaysa’s fountain is to start where Link’s journey begins. From the Great Plateau head north to Hyrule Field, then make your way south to find the Great Bridge. You should clearly see the Tabantha Tower in this area. Head to the top of the tower and the fountain is clearly visible to the south.

Tera - When you make it out to the Gerudo Desert region in the southwest corner of the map, that’s where you’ll find Tera’s fountain. Luckily, the fountain is easy to find because you can simply zoom in to see the bones of the Great Skeleton on the map. Here you’ll find the Hawa Koth shrine and Tera’s fountain.

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