Today’s Destiny: The Taken King feature will tell you how to kill Balwur in the game’s Court of Oryx Tier 3 Public Event. Balwur is one of the rotating bosses you’ll face in Bungie’s feature packed expansion, and while he poses a threat to your Guardian, following this walkthrough should result in the Wizard’s timely demise.

The fight kicks off with Balwur appearing on the portal, which is located on the main center platform, similar to every Tier 3 boss you face.  Unlike those encounters, however, there is toxicity covering the ground. On top of that, multiple Acolytes of Balwur will spawn all over the place, along with some Cursed Thrall to make the battle difficult. That said, those aforementioned Acolytes will aid you in this encounter, believe it or not. 

There is only one safe zone during this boss fight, the circular area beneath the portal platform. We strongly suggest you and other members of the fire team activate the event using the Antiquated Rune and then hang out in this safe zone in preparation for the craziness about to ensue. 

Even with impressive weaponry, you won’t last long outside of the safe zone because the toxicity will damage your Guardian.  What you can do is kill the Acolytes of Balwur as soon as possible. Doing this results in a temporary safe zone in the place where the creature dies. Naturally the more Acolytes you slaughter, the easier it will be to move around relatively unscathed. Considering you should focus your attention on the enemies, the last thing we want you to worry about is the toxicity. 

Run into these safe zones and attack Balwur. Meanwhile, take down more Acolytes near the big rocks, allowing you to take cover when the situation calls for it.  Besides, since it appears more enemies spawn depending on the number of Acolytes around, it is in your best interest to slaughter these foes. 

Balwur sticks to the platform most of the time, so bring a long-range weapon like a rocket launcher or sniper rifle to hit the Wizard from range. First bring down your adversary’s Kinetic Shield, and after this happens, do as much damage as possible while paying close attention to the temporary safe zone you are standing in. When the safe zones are about to vanish, quickly make it back to the original area under the center platform and repeat the process. Fall back to this spot if you become overwhelmed. It will always be there. 

Success is all about getting into the routine of killing Acolytes to create safe zones, chipping away at Balwur’s health and then repeating these steps over again until you defeat the boss. After killing the Tier 3 adversary a chest will appear on the center platform. The Guardian who used the Antiquated Rune to activate this event will receive the best loot, including Calcified Fragment 48. Maybe. 

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