Chapter 7: A Price for Everything

Head straight for the karaoke bar, fighting off the horde of zombies along the way. When you reach the station, watch out for football zombies that will tackle you from a distance. Take out or avoid the zombies, then access the panel at the location marker for another cut scene.

Unfortunately, the gang members seem to have found you and lock the place down. The next location marker is the only way to unlock the doors. Head upstairs to unlock the doors. As you approach the location marker you'll find a moderate amount of food on the floor if you're health is getting low. Once the doors are unlocked, head back downstairs and into the maintenance room to reach the power. When you get there, the lines are cut, so you need to find some wire.

Head through the doors and around the corner into the cafeteria area to find wire on the ground behind the counter. With the wire in-hand, it's time to head back to the maintenance room to reach the power, then upstairs to unlock the doors. Once the doors are unlocked, you can finally head out of the station.

As you reach the top of the stairs leading out of the station, the gang members attack. Focus on one gang member at a time to lessen their numbers as quickly as possible. Once the gang members are down, you can finally make your way to the karaoke bar again.

When you reach the karaoke bar, head around back to find Gary. Open the door to initiate another cinematic. Don't get too comfortable, because after the cut scene, you have to head across town to find Rhonda for Gary.

Enter the door at Rhonda's garage to initiate another cut scene. Rhonda is injured and needs a first aid kit from the store across the street. However, there are soldiers waiting outside for you. Rhonda's health appears in the upper right corner. You don't have much time to get the first aid kit and get back to Rhonda, so ignore the soldiers as best you can. Dodge roll to the store and grab the first aid kit from the corner, then dodge roll back to Rhonda's garage. Once you're inside, the soldiers won't follow.

Speak with Rhonda to use the first aid kit, then you need to find saline, a soldering iron and a hinge around the garage. The saline and soldering iron are nearby, while the hinge is in the office upstairs. Collect the items, then head back to Rhonda. By completing your work on Rhonda, you receive the Flamethrower blueprints.

The next objective is to bring Rhonda to Gary. Not only does that mean heading across town, but also dealing with the soldiers outside. Head out and to the left through the zombies until you reach the steamroller. Make your way back to the karaoke bar and access the door for another cut scene.

Make sure you're well-equipped before you head into the bar. There are quite a few zombies around and you need to clear them all before you can save Annie. Head inside and clear the zombies, then climb up and save Annie to initiate another cut scene.

Now it's time to make your way back to the hanger and finally to the plane. You should have at least two ranged weapons with you before you get back to the hanger. When you get back to the hanger, access the door for another cut scene, followed by a boss battle against a giant crane. There are weapons scattered around, but use your ranged weaponry to aim for the yellow boxes attached to the crane’s driver compartment. As you battle, soldiers with RPGs will show up, as well as a few zombies. Take out the soldiers as quickly as possible, then use their RPGs to shoot the yellow boxes on the crane.

Once the crane is out of commission, head around the corner and into the damaged cargo crate to initiate another cut scene, followed by a boss battle against Red. The hardest part of this boss battle is the amount of health Red has. There are plenty of weapons, including explosive barrels in the area. The only thing you need to watch out for is Red's tackle. When he rushes you, use the dodge roll to evade the attack. At close range, he'll use a few punches, followed by a roundhouse kick. Dodge the roundhouse, but don't worry too much about the punches.

With Red down, another cut scene begins which ends the chapter and earns you the Big Bomb blueprint. You'll see the ending credits roll, but your job is not complete.

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