Ubisoft put all sorts of collectible items in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. With this feature, we’ll tell you where to find all of the Pressed Flowers in the game, the majority of which reside next to gravestones and on park benches. Each Pressed Flower lets you unlock a new dye for the main characters’ clothes. 

City of London 

There are five Pressed Flowers to track down in the City of London area.

Go into the small park and head over to the fountain. The Pressed Flower is on a bench.

Visit St. Paul’s Cathedral and go to the south side of the building. Look beneath a bench to locate the Pressed Flower.

When you’re at Temple Church, go behind this place and into the courtyard. Grab the Pressed Flower from the gazebo.

Proceed to Kenway Mansion an then go to the building located east. When there, walk to the western side and pick up this Pressed Flower off the bench.

Head to the cemetery and look for a lantern on the ground. The Pressed Flower is next to it. 


Four Pressed Flowers in Lambeth.

Visit the church and then the graveyard. The Pressed Flower sits on a grave.

Go into the graveyard and look for a Pressed Flower directly on top of a grave.

You’ll see a grave with a dog next to it. The Pressed Flower is on the grave.

The final Pressed Flower is inside of the planter to the left of a building entrance. 


Another four Pressed Flowers to grab.

Head to the park and check the ground by the pathway.

Look for a fenced in brick area, then look for a national flag. Beneath this flag is a table, and the Pressed Flower is on top of said table.

Be on the lookout for a Hats and Umbrellas stand. Next to it is a table and the Pressed Flower.

Locate the sign for P. James and Sons. There’s a table beneath this sign and the Pressed Flower rests upon it. 

The Strand 

Make sure you pick up all five Pressed Flowers in The Strand.

Go to Lincoln’s Inn Fields and then travel northeast. Walk into the park and look for the Pressed Flower on a green bench.

There’s a courtyard in this area with a stone circle towards the south. It’s on a bench.

When you see the gazebo, head south and look for a green bench near a stone wall.

There’s a small gazebo near a path taking you towards Main Street. Along the way is a green bench with the Pressed Flower.

See the big square-shaped park? Go there and then walk to the north. You’ll see a green bench beneath a tree, and the Pressed Flower is over there. 


Three Pressed Flowers this time.

Be on the lookout for a bridge made of wood that links two docks. There’s a bench and Pressed Flower on this bridge.

Go to the Whitehall Stairs building, then pan the camera south to find a bench facing water. The Pressed Flower is over there.

Somewhere on this map is a bench with no back support near a booth. Find this bench and you will collect the Pressed Flower. 


There’s a whopping seven Pressed Flowers in Westminster.

Go to Richmond Terrace and look east to spot a carriage and the Pressed Flower.

Go to Victoria Station and inspect the map’s outer boundary. The Pressed Flower is on top of a tree stump located behind the station.

Visit the pond and travel east to discover the Pressed Flower on a bench.

Head to Westminster Abbey and then the courtyard. Check the ground by the statue.

Go to Green Park and then north, where the Pressed Flower rests on a bench.

Proceed to a small park and look at the green bench by the fountain.

There’s a shack made of wood somewhere on this map, and behind it is some books and the Flower.


After having to find seven Pressed Flowers in the previous area, the three in Whitechapel won’t make you sweat one bit.

Somewhere there’s a small headstone, and the Pressed Flower is on top of it.

Look for a tiny park and then a monument. The Pressed Flower sits on top of a bench.

There’s a gazebo in Whitechapel, but the Pressed Flower is not in there. Instead, check the path leading to the gazebo on the right.

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