Primer Default Controls Summary

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Primer Default Controls Summary

As Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii U and PC players own different control devices, we use the standardized terms presented in the table below to refer to each button in many areas of the guide. These should be easy to recognize, but you can refer back here if you need to refresh your memory at any point.

Note that this is not an exhaustive list of controls and commands, but simply a handy recap of all functions that are most pertinent during the opening stages of the game. You will find a complete moves overview in the Reference & Analysis chapter. Our guide to all naval controls and features are found within the Naval Guide section, though reading it is by no means necessary until you reach later Sequences – onscreen prompts will tell you everything you need to know during early missions.

Xbox 360 & Xbox One

PS3 & PS4

Wii U

Standardized Term


Used for basic movement; also employed for directing attacks during combat.

Used to control the game camera.

Used to equip the weapons and tools of your choice.

Most regularly used to perform manual jumps, the Fast Walk ability, and to break an enemy’s defense.

As well as being the main button for interactions, it’s a regular feature in all areas of the game – particularly climbing (releasing ledges) and combat (it’s the gateway to the vital counterattacking system).

The primary attack button; also used to perform assassinations.

Activates the currently selected Tool – a secondary weapon (such as a pistol).



High Profile Button

Hold to switch to High Profile mode, which enables activities such as faster movement, free running and climbing. Also used to fire weapons while aiming manually.



Manual Aim Button

Hold to activate Precision Mode, which is used to manually aim projectile weapons.



Collectibles Button

Hold to display a summary of activities and collectibles in your current location.



Reload Button

Used to reload Kenway’s pistols.

Activates Eagle Vision.

Forces the game camera to face directly ahead.

(Xbox 360)

(Xbox One)


Options Button (PS4)

Pause Button

Enters/exits the Pause menu and the Animus Database entries that appear onscreen.

(Xbox 360)

(Xbox One)


Click Touchpad (PS4)

Map Button

Opens the main map.

To avoid confusion and over-lengthy lists of buttons and keys throughout this guide, we reference console button commands only. If you don’t already own one, we can’t overstate the difference that a good twin-stick joypad will make. Any brand of wired Xbox 360 controller will suffice, and they’re now widely supported by PC game developers.

Note for PC Players