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Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag – Assassin Contracts Guide

by Prima Games Staff

Although it debuted last fall, gamers continue to play Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. We don’t blame them for continuing pirate Edward Kenway’s quest, since Ubisoft littered the virtual Caribbean with a wealth of treasure chests, animals to hunt and Assassin Contracts. 

If this is the first you’ve heard of the latter, think of an Assassin Contract as an action-based puzzle. The goal is to dispose of carefully arranged guards to reach the specified target, using a variety of Edward’s skills and equipment, be it blade or Blowpipe, to take him down. Using your imagination to complete all 30 is part of the fun, but if you’re stuck, we’ll tell you how to complete the Assassin Contracts in AC4. 

For detailed maps and alternate scenarios to completing these Contracts, read Prima’s Black Flag eGuide. 

Now for some AC4 Contract tips! 

  • Always have Blowpipe darts available, as well as backup bones to craft more.
  • Sleep Darts work fine, but Berserk Darts are ideal. These let you kill without getting into a post assassination fight. 
  • Did the target escape? Fast Travel to a nearby Viewpoint to reset the Assassin Contract.

How to complete Contract 01: The Plantation Master (Kingston)

Approach from the west near the Restricted Area. Climb on the roof and wait for the patrolling Captain to face away from you. From there, hit the intended target with a Berserk Dart. 

How to complete Contract 02: The Guard Post (Kingston) 

You’ll see the target standing on top of a rock outcrop, with five soldiers guarding the path. Head to the cliff to the west, then move in range for a head shot. You can also take down the Captain with a Berserk Dart.

How to complete Contract 03: The Slave Traders (Kingston) 

Approach from the east, then climb on the roof to see the target. It’s a good idea to first take out the Gunner on the other rooftop. Now all you need to do is hit the target with a Berserk Dart. 

How to complete Contract 04: The Judge (Kingston) 

You must travel to Port Royal to reach this contract, using a Fast Travel rowboat if this is the first time you visited the area. Approach the puzzle from the southeast and look for a man shouting outside of a door; he’s your target. Reach a safe distance, then hit him with a Berserk Dart or a well-timed pistol shot.

How to complete Contract 05: The Weapons Smugglers (Kingston) 

Approach from the south, ride the elevator to the roof and take out the Gunner. Look for the Captain and let the Berserk Dart fly. 

How to complete Contract 06: The British Captain (Kingston) 

Look for the target in the center of the Restricted Area. Climb up to the rooftop from the north and fire the Berserk Dart. 

How to complete Contract 07: Beach Bonfire (Havana)

Approach the Restricted Area from the west and enter the Stalking Zone. The Target walks from the hiding spot to the fighting pirates. Move to the hiding spot and take him out. 

How to complete Contract 08: A Shipment of Powder (Havana) 

From the south dock, swim to the northeast portion of the Restricted Area. Look for the target, a Scout, and take note of his patrol. Swim to the side of a boat and hang from a ledge. Wait for him to get in range and score the ledge assassination. 

How to complete Contract 09: The Spanish Commander (Havana)

Approach from the eastern rooftops, then take down the Gunners. Identify and Captain and hit him with a Berserk Dart. Head back the way you came to avoid confrontation. 

How to complete Contract 10: Unlicensed Dealer (Havana) 

Move to the southeast corner of the Restricted Area and hire a group of dancers. Have them distract guards and then move to a low roof. Look for the target and fire the Berserk Dart. 

How to complete Contract 11: No More Taxes (Havana)

Move towards the rooftops to the south to avoid Gunners. From the edge of the rooftop, look left to see the target and hit him with a Berserk Dart. Any part of the body will do. 

How to complete Contract 12: A Botched Escape (Havana) 

Approach from the northeast and climb the scaffold. Take down the Scout and head to the next rooftop to spy the target. He’ll immediately attempt to escape, and you must use a Berserk Dart to prevent this from happening. 

How to complete Contract 13: Beach Bonfire (Nassau) 

Approach from the east using the free run course through the trees; it starts behind a General Store. Pick out the target using Eagle Vision and nail him with a Berserk Dart. 

How to complete Contract 14: The Outlaws (Nassau) 

Immediately hit the sentry on the rooftop with a Sleep Dart, then check out the target (a Brute) below using Eagle Vision. It’s Berserk Dart time!

How to complete Contract 15: Tomb Raiders (Arroyos)

The target is on Pinos Isle to the southeast. This area is large, and we suggest Synchronizing beforehand to Fast Travel to the center of the search zone. Once there, perform a Leap of Faith to reach the hiding spot on the left, whistle to attract the guard’s attention and assassinate him. Do the same for the soldier who exits from the door. From there, the target (a Captain) goes on patrol after you step inside the ruins. Run to the second door on the right, press against the edge and assassinate him. 

How to complete Contract 16: A Last Drink For The Road (Arroyos)

Head towards the harbormaster stall. The Captain will argue with someone, then kill this person and head to his boat at the dock. He then sails away, kicking off a naval battle to achieve the assassination. There is a way, however, to kill him beforehand and avoid the naval confrontation altogether. 

How to complete Contract 17: Castaway (New Bone) 

Look for this target on Cayman Sound; the entire island is a Restricted Area. Use Fast Travel to reach the Viewpoint, and look northwest to see the target. Avoid the patrols and hit the Captain with a Berserk Dart.

How to complete Contract 18: The Unworthy Brother (Corozal) 

To complete this mission, you need to take down the Chinchorro Naval Fort. With that out of the way, Fast Travel to the area and climb atop the Fort Commander’s office to kill the patrolling Gunner. Listen for the target discussing Edward, then take him out with an air assassination, pistol headshot or Berserk Dart.

How to complete Contract 19: The Poachers (Crooked Island) 

Fast Travel to Mariguana Island and you’ll see the target, who is easily in range of your Berserk Dart.  

How to complete Contract 20: The Deserter (Crooked Island) 

Head to Salt Lagoon and look for the target, who stands beneath the archway in the north. If he runs, you can easily catch up to him. Ideally, wait for him to face away from Edward and go with a pistol shot. 

How to complete Contract 21: The Twin Dilemma (Grand Cayman) 

Climb onto the roof above the coop and run to a position overlooking the tavern.  There are two targets, and Berserk Darts work best.

How to complete Contract 22: The Dreaded Pirate (New Bone) 

Go to Misteriosa and Fast Travel to the Viewpoint. Identify the target using Eagle Vision, approach and take note of the target changing his usual patrol to walk to the west. Run to the low tower and fire a Berserk Dart before he moves out of range.

How to complete Contract 23: The Expedition (lle a Vache) 

This one is particularly tricky. Go to Cumberland Bay and take note of the man o’ war blocking the island. Fast Travel to the Viewpoint, immediately face the opposite direction and hit the target with a Berserk Dart. From there, take a Leap of Faith into the water.

How to complete Contract 24: The Slave Master (lle a Vache) 

You must eliminate the target in Tortuga.  Drop anchor off the north beach to start the mission, then head up the slope into the first Stalking Zone. You’ll see guards near the front of the grounds, but the target is at the rear of the building. Avoid the patrols using the Stalking Zones and climb onto the roof. Now’s a good time for an air assassination. 

How to complete Contract 25: A Slaver’s Business (Andreas Island) 

When you first arrive, the target is nowhere to be found. Wait a bit and a ship will appear, with the target just out of range. Take out all five guards with Sleep Darts before the ship even arrives, then kill the target with Edward’s pistol; a headshot is ideal. 

How to complete Contract 26: The Informant (Salt Key Bank) 

First you must take the Naval Fort at Dry Tortuga. Once you accomplish this, knock out the guard near the gate using a Sleep Dart.  The target is near a powder reserve, and you can shoot the explosives to complete the contract. 

How to complete Contract 27: The Treasure Hunter (Andreas Island)

Head to Abaco Island, Fast Travel to the Viewpoint and turn south. The target goes inside a tent, but enough of his body is exposed for a well-placed Berserk Dart. Go north and perform a Leap of Faith into a hiding spot, then wait patiently for things to calm down. 

How to complete Contract 28: Shady Business (Salt Key Bank)

It’s wise to have mortar ammo and the Advanced Mortars upgrade before tackling this contract. Once you accept the mission, go to the Jackdaw and sail west to reach the waypoint. From the north, use Edward’s spyglass to identify the schooner and head west to give chase. Although the ship sails close to the coast, we suggest traveling along the outside of the island. Get in range and quickly unleash a mortar barrage to sink the ship. 

How to complete Contract 29: The Smuggler’s Squat (Grand Cayman) 

You can’t accept this mission until you acquire the diving bell in Sequence 06; you need this to access the location in Anotto Bay. Once inside the cave, wait for the patrol to pass and look for the Captain in the distance. Perform a ledge assassination on one pirate above Edward’s position, then a second on a pirate abusing a prisoner. Hit the Captain with a Berserk Dart and jump into the water until things die down.

How to complete Contract 30: The Outlaw’s Cave (Corozal) 

Similar to The Smuggler’s Squat, you need the diving bell. We also suggest having a dagger on your person ahead of time. Once you reach the end of the underwater tunnel and see the ruins, look northwest to see a sentry and a pirate soon after. Wait for the pirate to move away and then kill the sentry with the dagger. Climb the ruined pillar and wait for the pirate to reappear for the next assassination. Pick up the musket nearby, kill the patrolling target and prepare to fight your way out of this contract.