It might be tempting to focus solely on weapons and ammo when playing Apex Legends, but there are also plenty of health items, shields, and armor pieces to pick up to help you survive the competition. Similar to guns, each item has a rarity type to consider, which dictate different stats.

Healing items restore health while armor helps to mitigate damage from incoming fire. All items have different stats based on color, with Common items having the lowest stats and Legendary items will have the best. But no matter the case, it’s a good idea to cover yourself in some armor to last through the match.

Armor is separated into two different components: Body Shields and Helmets. You equip and replace pieces by interacting with them during a match.

Apex Legends Body Shields

  • Common Body Shield (Grey): Reduces damage by 50.
  • Rare Body Shield (Blue): Reduces damage by 75.
  • Epic Body Shield (Purple): Reduces damage by 100 damage.
  • Legendary Body Shield (Yellow): Reduces damage by 100. Finishers will fully recharge shields.

Apex Legends Helmets

  • Common Helmet (Grey): Headshot bonus damage reduced by 30 percent.
  • Rare Helmet (Blue): Headshot bonus damage reduced by 40 percent.
  • Epic Helmet (Purple): Headshot bonus damage reduced by 50 percent.
  • Legendary Helmet (Yellow): Headshot bonus damage reduced by 50 percent. Both Tactical and Ultimate cooldown timers are reduced.

Apex Legends Shield Rechargers

While armor mitigates damage, shields prevent them altogether. But they will quickly wear down, and you’ll need to recharge them using Shield Cells and batteries. Rarer types of energy cells will recharge your shields faster, while items such as the Phoenix Kit will restore both health and shields.

  • Shield Battery (Common): Shields are recharged 25 points over 5 seconds.
  • Shield Cell (Rare): Shields are recharged 100 points over 3 seconds.
  • Phoenix Kit (Epic): Restores 100 shield and health points over 10 seconds.

Apex Legends Health Kits

Even with both armor and shields, you’ll probably need to patch up some bullet wounds from time to time. You can find two different health pack types in Apex Legends, and they are:

  • Syringe (Common): Recovers 25 health points over 5 seconds.
  • Med Kit (Rare): Recovers 100 health points over 8 seconds.

Apex Legends Knockdown Shields

There are three more support item types to be found in Apex Legends. While they might not necessarily protect you from damage, they’ll give you an edge over your competitors. For instance, Knockdown Shields while they’re disabled and bleeding out, waiting for a teammate to come revive them. 

  • Common Knockdown Shield (Grey): Provides 100 points of damage protection while knocked down.
  • Rare Knockdown Shield (Blue): Provides 250 points of damage protection while knocked down.
  • Epic Knockdown Shield (Purple): Provides 750 points of damage protection while knocked down.
  • Legendary Knockdown Shield (Yellow): Provides 750 points of damage protection while knocked down. Players can revive themselves (one-time use).

Apex Legends Backpacks 

Backpacks will allow you to carry more items and come in four different rarities. 

  • Common Backpack (Grey): Inventory increased by 2 slots.
  • Rare Backpack (Blue): Inventory increased by 4 slots.
  • Epic Backpack (Purple): Inventory increased by 6 slots.
  • Legendary Backpack (Yellow): Adds 6 additional slots to your inventory. All consumable health and shield recovery items will work twice as fast. 

Apex Legends Ultimate Accelerant

Apex Legends also has a rare item called the Ultimate Accelerant. As its name suggests, it speeds up the recharge time of your Ultimate ability. Specifically, the Ultimate Accelerate recharges 20 percent of your ultimate ability over 7 seconds, giving you a chance to call upon these powerful moves more often.

Combined with powerful weapons, all the above items will increase your odds as your squad competes in Apex Legends. They can often spell the difference between life and death, so keep a sharp eye out for them and good luck out there!