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This Zero Suit Link Cosplay Is Witty, Hilarious, and a Perfect Mashup

by Liana Ruppert

Zero Suit Samus is heckin’ awesome. You know who else is awesome? Link from the Legend of Zelda. With their powers combined, they become a – quite frankly – hilariously witty cosplay that we wouldn’t have thought of before but are now totally into. Plus the cosplayer said it was inspired by Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, you can’t go wrong there! 

The cosplayer seen below is Oliver Holmes, though you might know them by Kohalu Cosplay. His portfolio is incredibly passionate and Oliver definitely has a lot of skills when it comes to bringing his favorite characters to life. This rendition is so freaking hilarious to me and picturing the two characters actually fused together and Link suddenly finding out just how skin-tight that zero suit really is cracks me up far more than it probably should. I’ll be honest, my imagination ran off from me a bit.

His other costumes are equally impressive. From Nintendo franchises, to that of Blizzard, Oliver knows how to add a special touch to some of our most beloved franchises. And don’t worry, classic Link fans, he’s got more than a few “normal” cosplays as the Legend of Zelda star as well. 

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Liana Ruppert

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