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The Zelda™ Box Set – A Closer Look at the Final Packaging

by Prima Games Staff

In our continuing series highlighting the various elements included in the Zelda™ Box Set, today we take a look at the exclusive Zelda treasure chest box and its final packaging.

The manufacturing plant looks like Santa’s workshop as the staff lovingly and carefully package all the elements of the Zelda Box Set collectible treasure chest cases.

At the start of the assembly line, workers secure the exclusive golden metallic bookmark and protective sleeve to the inside of the top of the chest.

Zelda Box Set

As the assembly line continues, each of the six books as well as the individually numbered certificate of authenticity is carefully placed into the chest. Note the blue gloves they wear to keep each book looking as pristine as possible.

Zelda Box Set

Each Zelda Box set receives a drop-away price sheet.

Zelda Box Set

Then each box set is snugly shrink-wrapped.

Zelda Box Set

Custom foam end-caps were created for each unit.

Zelda Box Set

Each box set is securely placed between two foam end caps. Those box sets are going to be very safe during shipping!

Zelda Box Set

Next each box set is placed into a carton (again with the gloves).

Zelda Box Set

The cartons are taped up and prepared for shipping.

Zelda Box Set

The limited edition Zelda™ Box Set is almost here! Customers will begin receiving their pre-ordered box sets as early as November 26. Wouldn’t that be something to be thankful for this year?

There is still time to get your Zelda™ Box. Order now:


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