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Wii Sports Club: 3 Reasons Wii Want to Play

by Prima Games Staff

Nintendo will release Wii Sports Club on the Wii U tomorrow, November 7th using the system’s SpotPass feature; make sure you turn it on and connect to the Internet. This re-imaging of the popular 2006 Wii release, Wii Sports, ups the proverbial ante with just enough features to entice both longtime players and newcomers. Bottom line, it’s more than a simple port, and we can’t wait to play Wii Sports Club for the following reasons.

Wii Sports Club uses Wii MotionPlus

Wii Sports Resort’s use of the Wii MotionPlus peripheral made Wii Sports seem inferior by comparison. This changes with Wii Sports Club, which makes use of the built-in technology to allow for increased accuracy, particularly with Tennis when it comes to putting spin on the ball. That being the case, we expect a greater sense of control.

Wii Sports Club Features Online Play

By far the coolest feature, now you can play Wii Sports against friends from around the world online, in addition to buddies at home. On top of that, the ability to join special Clubs fosters community as well as heated rivalries. You can even post messages during matches via MiiVerse.

Wii Sports Club Comes with Training Modes

To help players hone their skills while adding value to the game, Nintendo will introduce Training modes to Wii Sports Club. This should help gamers get reacquainted to Wii Sports while serving as a basic introduction to newcomers. 

First-time Wii Sports Club users will receive a free-trial for 24 hours. From there, they can pay $1.99 for 24-hour access to all available sports, or $9.99 per sport for unlimited access. Wii Sports Club will release with Tennis and Bowling. Golf, Baseball and Boxing will release at an unspecified date.

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