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Why the Nintendo Switch Lite Was the Best Thing Nintendo Could Have Done

by Liana Ruppert

The Nintendo Switch Lite is getting yet another color option following the very popular Limited Edition Pokemon entry, and while it may not be everyone’s shtick, in the long run it was one of the smartest moves Nintendo has made since the original hybrid console launched back in 2017. 

First things first, what is it? The Nintendo Switch Lite is exactly what the name suggests. It’s basically the Big N’s version of the PSP, which was a handheld console that was way ahead of its time and was a beloved gaming device for many. This portable only version of the Switch has been optimized for better battery life since it’s mobile-only and does not come with removable Joy-Cons or the HD Rumble feature. So why was this smart?

When the Nintendo Switch was first released, Nintendo was still very much hurting from the lasting impressions that the Wii U left. Though many were excited, the community as a whole was doubtful that Nintendo would honor their promise of more third-party support than ever before in addition to a high-quality gaming experience. 

Boy, were we proven wrong. 

The Switch has been a massive success since launch and a large part of that is because of its portability. The only downside though is that the battery life left little to be desired, so for those that took their gaming on the go – a battery extender or a charger would pretty much have to be present more times than not. 

For me personally, I travel a lot. A lot, a lot. The hybrid console has been a constant companion to me during these travels. So much so that I think I’ve maybe used my system twice in docked mode? 300 bucks, the price of the original Switch and current price today, is a little steep for pretty much a handheld console, which makes the cheaper Lite version all the more appealing for gamers like me. 

Since the on-the-go aspect is its biggest selling point, Nintendo capitalizing on that is incredibly smart. The regular Nintendo Switch is still an option, sure, but going into the holiday season the Lite will offer a cheaper alternative for parents, will be a more viable option for those gamers that travel a lot, and offers even more domination in the mobile market for the company to take. All of this while still offering the premium Nintendo experience of exclusives while still giving a chance for gamers to play titles like Skyrim, Warframe, and now The Witcher 3 on the go. 

You can learn more about the new Nintendo Switch Lite here to see for yourself why it was such a smart move. 

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