What We’re Playing: Weekend Edition

Version 2: Electric Boogaloo

We’ve once again got that Friday Feeling here in the Prima space, and we’re ready to break away from our workstations to get ourselves to our PlayStations. No matter if we’re jumping into something from the golden era of gaming, or playing the newest and most exciting releases, our team is always ready to jump into something exciting. Let’s find out what our fantastic writers are playing this weekend, and see if you may run into them in your next gaming session.

Shawn Robinson – Dead Space 2/Assassins Creed 2

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This weekend, I’ll be delving into both Dead Space 2 and Assassin’s Creed 2. Dead Space 2 is apparently a formidable sequel to the original game, and seeing as I reviewed the remake of the first game for Prima, it makes sense that I’d see what this one’s all about.

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Otherwise, Assassin’s Creed 2 is a game I’ve been wanting to replay for some time since I loved it back on my 360. Once I finish it up, I plan to delve into both Brotherhood and Revelations to see how those hold up.

Madison Benson – Minecraft

How to Get a Command Block in Minecraft
Screenshot: Prima Games

Lately, I’ve been playing Minecraft with friends and having a blast as I try to recreate Sims 4 houses. A few days ago, I finished the Sims 4 Unlucky Chef scenario I talked about in our previous What We’re Playing Weekend feature, so I’m mixing things up now with a game I play on and off. I’ve gotten angry at a few creeper explosions already, but that’s all part of the experience. At least the houses are coming along nicely!

Patrick Souza – Final Fantasy Origins: Stranger of Paradise

Stranger of Paradise Crossplay
Screenshot: Prima Games

This weekend I’m visiting Cornelia once again in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins thanks to the Steam Sale. I was heartbroken when I refunded it due to performance back at release. One year later and the game now runs smoother than ever. My PC also had a few upgrades here and there, so now my body is ready to kill Chaos all weekend long! Also, I heard multiplayer is pretty good, so I’ll try that out!

Shaun Cichacki – Dead By Daylight

Screenshot: Prima Games

Unfortunately, Dead By Daylight has me hooked, and I don’t see any survivors nearby that can help me break free. While I’m still learning the ropes and getting used to the general flow of gameplay, I can’t break the grasp that this one has on me. After listening to a friend go on for hours about why DBD is so good, I finally dove in and tried this one. If you come across a Clown killer this weekend that out loops you and eats your fingers, you know you found me. Then, once I’m done with that, I’m going to log into my PC and play some Dead by Daylight.

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David Morgan – Pikmin 2

Screenshot: Prima Games

 I am playing Pikmin 2 this weekend: A bigger, deeper (literally) adventure than the first game that is also secretly a horror game. I loved this game as a kid and I’m loving the revisit, just in time for Pikmin 4 next month!

Ashley Anthony – EA Sports PGA Tour/Madden NFL 23

Screenshot: Prima Games

This weekend, it’s all about the golf swing and hitting the golf course on EA Sports PGA Tour. I will be checking out the new 60FPS Performance Mode that came with the most recent update, Patch 4.5, improving my short game, and challenging some other virtual golfers online.

From the course, I’m off to the Gridiron in Madden NFL 23. I’m going to get my practice in before the launch of Madden 24. Going to be online all weekend. You know what they say… Practice makes perfect. That’s my weekend gaming plans. I better start stretching!

Kara Phillips – Sun Haven

Screenshot: Prima Games

I’m delving into the town of Sun Haven this weekend! After burning myself out on farming sims last year it’s been a while since I’ve been able to happily pour hours into a wonderful slice of cozy gaming, but there’s something about Sun Haven which has reignited that love for me. Plus, I need any excuse I can get to try and earn some brownie points with Xyla.

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Priscilla Wells – Final Fantasy XVI & Story Of Season: A Wonderful Life

Screenshot: Prima Games

This weekend I’m playing both Final Fantasy XVI and Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. Two vastly different games in every possible way!

I’m enjoying Final Fantasy XVI more than I thought that I would. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I’ve found myself heavily invested in the story, and enjoying the combat tremendously. The only downside is because of the nature of the game, I can only play it once my children are asleep! So, I’m rather limited!

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life on the other hand is a game that my six-year-old loves to watch me play. It’s cute, nostalgic fun and I’m enjoying both playing it and writing about it too!

Jesse Vitelli – Friends Vs Friends

Image; Prima Games

This weekend I’m playing Friends vs Friends because I can’t stop doing the “one more game” thing. The matches are so quick and constantly have me and my friends on the edge of our seats. It’s like Call of Duty Gulag meets Fur Fighters and I can’t get enough.

Dan Wenerowicz – Diablo IV/Battle For Bikini Bottom

Screenshot: Prima Games

This weekend it’s back to more Diablo 4 grinding now that Final Fantasy XVI has slowed down. The thought of ultra-rares has me grinding all the way to level 100 before Season 1 starts. When the doom and gloom become too much, I’ll be jumping into the Battle for Biking Bottom for the first time since the original release.

Matt Vatankhah – Only Up!

Screenshot: Prima Games

This week, my untapped obsession with speedrunning and platforming has culminated with long, arduous practice sessions in Only Up! I’ve downloaded the trainer, I’ve studied all the skips, and I’ve kept a close eye on the speedrunning leaderboards all week. You’ve probably noticed the game blowing up throughout the streamer sphere as they struggle to reach Chess in less than an hour. Hah, couldn’t be me. I’m what you call a Gamer™… I could really use a shower.

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Wow, we had a STACKED one this week! Our writers have such a variety of tastes, with such a unique enjoyment of different games. No matter if we’re learning the ropes of our new online obsession or revisiting something that we loved from yesteryear, it’s a great time to be gaming. Be safe and see you again in a few more weeks for another round of action.

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