Watch Dogs – Weapons Trade Investigations – Saturday Night Special Trophy

Find each weapon crate and take down the Fixer Bosses.

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Watch Dogs continues to impress us with their side missions. Just when we think we’re getting close to completion, we find something else to do. Today, we’re going to walk you through the Weapons Trade Investigations, helping you unlock the Saturday Night Special trophy. If you’ve been following along with our free guides, this is the final investigation and should reward you with They Call Him The Vigilante as well. if you haven’t completed all of the investigations, we’ll link to each of them for your convenience.

Before You Begin

There are a total of nine crates that you need to find in order to unlock the bonus mission, We Hit the Motherlode. It should be noted that only seven of these crates have Audio Logs.

Lastly, before you begin the bonus mission, try to unlock the Combat Skill, Enforcer Combat Take Down, or if you’re like us, bring lots of big guns. We did just fine with weapons like the M107, G-106, IED and a few Frag Grenades. Just make sure to stock up on crafting supplies before you begin.

Weapons Crate 01 – Brandon Docks


You can find this one on the northern island of the Brandon Docks. Be aware, there is no Audio Log found in this garage. The unlock is on the west side of the building and can be accessed by hacking a camera that sits on the northwest corner.

Weapons Crate 02 – The Wards


This crate is found near the northern part of The Wards. Once you arrive, the unlock is located to the east, high up on the adjacent building. This one does have an Audio Log so be sure to grab it before you move on.

Weapons Crate 03 – Parker Square


Just to the north of the last one, this crate is found in the southeast part of Parker Square. To access the Audio Log, head to the east side of the building, hack the cameras and then look across the street and to the north, following the data flow. The unlock is on a yellow building with red a awning.

Weapons Crate 04 – The Loop


You’ll find this one on the west island of The Loop. When you reach the garage door, head east and back toward the street. Hack a camera high on the corner of a building to your left, then look back toward the garage door to find the unlock. Scan the crate and grab the Audio Log from the garage.

Weapons Crate 05 – The Loop


This crate is located in the south part of The Loop, just to the north of a train station and near a bend in the tracks. The camera you need to hack is above the garage door. Point it across the alley to unlock the box. Be sure to scan the crate and grab the Audio Log as well.

Weapons Crate 06 – The Loop


To the north of the last one we covered, right where the tracks bend on a 90 degree angle. You can find the unlock box to the northwest of the garage door. Follow the data line until you see it sitting next to a few wooden pallets that are stacked up. Make sure to snag both the Audio Log and the crate.

Weapon Crate 07 – Mad Mile


Located on the western island of Mad Mile. Climb up a ladder on the east side of the building, then use an explosive to destroy the fence that blocks you from the unlock box. Jump back down, making sure to scan the weapons crate. There is no Audio Log for this one.

Weapons Crate 08 – Mad Mile

From the garage door, head west through the outdoor tables of the Brewing Delight Coffee shop. Look up and across the street to see a camera mounted high on the corner of a building. Look to the east and back toward the garage to see the unlock box. Snag both the crate and the Audio Log.

Weapons Crate 09 – Brandon Docks


Just to the south of the northern island of the Brandon Docks. It’s also just to the northeast of one of the gun stores on your map. This one can be hard to spot if you haven’t cleared out the Fixer Contract that sits on top of it. Truthfully, that’s why we did this one last. We couldn’t find it. Head south from the door and up three flights of stairs (not two or four). You’ll find the unlock box to the right of the fourth set of stairs. Head north to get back to the garage door, scanning the crate and grabbing your final Audio Log of the Weapons Crate Investigations.

We Hit the Motherlode


The final portion of the Weapons Trade Investigations will see you do battle with some tough dudes. There are a total of three waves, each one getting just a little bit harder. When you enter the area, hop the fence and go up the stairs, using the catwalk for cover. We did all of our fighting from up here. We didn’t have to go to ground level even one time. It wasn’t as action filled as some people might prefer, but if you’re struggling to beat it, this should do the trick.

For the first wave, hack the cameras in the area, waiting for bad guys to pass in front of explosives that you can hack. You can also use distractions to get them together in a group, then detonate one of them with the hopes of taking out the entire crew. There’s no need to use your explosives here, but if you’re carrying the M107 Sniper Rifle, it’s a good way to clean up a few stragglers when the bulk of the force is down.

The second wave is a bit tougher, and success depends on using your IED to eliminate one of the three reinforcement vehicles. Don’t be afraid to use your G-106 to take out a truck load of guys here. Focus on using your M107 as much as possible, aiming for the head. If you see a few of them bunched up near a vehicle, toss an IED near it and take out the entire group of them.

The Fixer Bosses will show up in the last wave. One of their vehicles will drive right underneath the area we chose to post up. If you can’t get them with an IED, hit them with the G-106 Grenade Launcher, but don’t let them spot you. If they spot you, they’ll rush your position and make life very difficult.

Once we had some distance, we used the M107 to take most of them out with headshots. This drew a bit of attention, but by this time we had thinned their numbers enough to use the G-106 to finish off the stragglers.

When it’s all done, you get at least the Saturday Night Special trophy for completing the Weapons Trade Investigations. If you’ve followed along with all of our walkthroughs, you’ll unlock They Call Him The Vigilante for completing all investigations in the game.

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