Watch Dogs – Human Traffic Investigations – Revoking Client Privileges Trophy

Map images for every Buyer and Briefcase, as well as how to kill Joseph Demarco.

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After all these Investigations in Watch Dogs, we’re starting to consider ourselves a bit of a detective. Too bad the in-game police don’t see things the same way. Still, as Aiden Pearce, a vigilante who the citizens of Chicago came to love, we thought it was our duty to put a stop to this human trafficking nonsense. It just so happens we decided to record it so you can to. Just be aware, these missions will not unlock until after Act 2 – A Risky Bid has concluded.

Before You Begin

There’s quite a lot of traveling to do in this series of side missions. You’ll find yourself visiting each of the districts, often having to hike all the way back across the map. We highly suggest that you go and unlock each of the ctOS Towers, allowing you to use the Fast Travel to move around quickly.

Each Human Traffic Investigation you see on the map starts off with a Buyer’s location, then once you’ve found and hacked their phone, you’ll receive a Briefcase to track down. This means that in order to get the bonus mission to unlock, you must locate 10 Buyers and 10 Briefcases. Luckily you will find them all in this article.

Due to a PEBCAK issue (Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard) we did not capture the intrusion of Joseph Demarco’s residence in the bonus mission. Just like the other intrusions in this series, it’s not too difficult, and you should have no problem getting through it. Just the same, our bad.

Human Traffic Investigation 01


Darius Peaston – Mad Mile: You’ll find Mr. Peaston at the northeast of the Mad Mile, talking on a cell phone near some concrete garden planters. Hack his phone to reveal the briefcase.


Briefcase Location – Parker Square: You’ll find the Briefcase near the east side of Parker Square, just to the north of the baseball stadium. Hack the intrusion box and scan the case.

Human Traffic Investigation 02


Carl Breenwood – Mad Mile: You can find Carl hanging out at the ctOS Control Center in Mad Mile. Hack his phone to hear him cuss out what appears to be an employee of his.


Briefcase Location – Brandon Docks: The Briefcase is located on the northern island of Brandon Docks. Hack the intrusion box and scan it to knock another one off the list.

Human Traffic Investigation 03


Joshua Kramer – Brandon Docks: Stick with us here, but Mr. Kramer is on the southern shore of the very northern island of Brandon Docks. He’s at the Boat Yard Storage.


Briefcase Location – The Loop: You’ll find the case after hacking an intrusion box located near the south end of The Loop.

Human Traffic Investigation 04


Adolpho C. Peccorino – The Loop: Mr. Peccorino is near the northwest end of The Loop, chilling pool side at the Ocean Tower.


Briefcase Location – The Wards: This case is located in The Wards, just to the east of Iraq’s compound. As soon as you scan it, move on to the next one.

Human Traffic Investigation 05


Francis T. Barrthes – The Wards: Find Francis hanging out to the northwest of Iraq’s compound. He’ll be on the phone in the middle of a rubble construction site.


Briefcase Location – Mad Mile: At the very north end of Mad Mile, located near Molar’s Grill. Once you hack the intrusion box, scan the case and get back on the road to track down another creep.

Human Traffic Investigation 06


Martin Graften – The Loop: You can find this guy hanging out on the west island of The Loop. He’ll be at the Plaza to the south of Western Station.


Briefcase Location – Mad Mile: It’s on the east side of Mad Mile, about one block to the west of one of your Fast Travel points. Hack the intrusion box and scan the case.

Human Traffic Investigation 07


David R. Treaklesen – Brandon Docks: He’s on the phone at the East end of the Brandon Docks. He’s all alone and standing next to the water… we shot him. Seemed like a good idea at the time.


Briefcase Location – The Loop: On the island between the main area of The Loop and Parker Square. Be sure to scan the case as well as any nearby electronics after hacking the intrusion box.

Human Traffic Investigation 08


Paul Benedict Henfield – Parker Square: Southeast of the baseball stadium, hanging out at the docks to the north of where you can play chess. Too many witnesses so we didn’t shoot him.


Briefcase Location – Parker Square: This one is easy. Remember the Owl Motel that you shot up? Your original hideout? It’s just behind there. Hack in and scan the case.

Human Traffic Investigation 09


Anton Chenkov – Parker Square: You can find this guy at the Botanical Gardens. There are a lot of people around, but we caused an explosion, scaring everyone off while we executed Mr. Chenkov.


Briefcase Location – The Wards: You’ll find the intrusion box and case at the northeast of The Wards. It will be on the outside of an apartment row. Scan the case and you’re on to the last one.

Human Traffic Investigation 10


Gregory Foydalem – Pawnee: Find Gregory hanging out in the Pawnee cemetery. It shouldn’t be hard to find, but as always, we have a nifty map for you to refer to.


Briefcase Location – Brandon Docks: You’ll find this case in the Tidis Warehouse Lockup. Hack in, be sure to scan the case and then move on to the bonus mission.

Demarked Man


Head to Joseph Demarco’s residence, then hack in through the intrusion box. Unfortunately, we messed up and didn’t capture how to solve the hacking puzzle. However, it isn’t all that difficult and you can try it as many times as you need to.

Once you’re looking inside Demarco’s lair, hack into the police officer’s cell phone in order to progress to the fun part of the mission, killing Joseph Demarco.

Out of Business

As soon as you gain control of Aiden, run and get into a vehicle. We’d suggest a sturdy one since this can get a bit chaotic.

Bring up your map and notice Demarco’s route. Set a waypoint somewhere along his route, but in a spot that give you enough time to get ahead of him. Just be careful. Do not drive past his convoy to get ahead of him or he’ll get spooked, and your plans of ambushing him will be spoiled.

We chose an intersection that was far enough away that we had a chance to set things up. Park your car right in the middle of the intersection, then throw three or four IEDs across the entire road. As much as it isn’t cool to kill civilians, there’s a good chance one or two will bite the dust.

When the convoy is within range of the IEDs, blow one and it should trigger the rest. You’ll either kill the target, or at the very least his escorts. If Demarco survives, take out an Assault Rifle and aim for his tires. If he gets away, jump in your car and chase after him, hacking various obstacles to trip him up.

Once Joseph Demarco is dead, you’ll likely have a decent amount of cops on you. We set a new waypoint for a train station, then boarded a train to make our escape that way. You can do it however you want, but when you finally lose the tail, you’ll have unlocked the Revoking Client Privileges trophy or achievement of the same name.

To see all the steps in action (aside from hacking Demarco’s residence), click on the video below. You’ll even see us kill a couple of the buyers just for fun.

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