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Wasteland 2 Guide: Griffith Park, Bastion of Faith

by Prima Games Staff

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Attach Repeater Unit to Radio Tower in Griffith Park

Once your upgraded rad suits are ready, head back to Santa Fe Springs and grab them from Lt. Woodson. Before you interact with him, though, make sure to set your team up strategically within the room, as receiving the suits will trigger a small invasion force of Dugan’s robot workers. Take the robots down once they attack and then head out towards the Wasteland.

From here, you’ll need to head north towards the Hollywood marker on your map. Make sure you’ve already equipped your rad suits, otherwise you’ll roast as you walk through the radiation wall. Enter the new area and head straight forward. Talk with the merchant and ask him about different directions. He’ll give you brief overviews of the different areas of town. 

Head up the main road until you come to a blocked path. You should now hear Matthias calling out to you from a small television set. You can interact with him if you want, or just ignore him and either use your Brute Force skill or an explosive on the set of rocks that sparkle when using perception. Head through this opened grate to enter Griffith Park and the Bastion of Faith without going through the Gauntlet of Samson. 

If you just want to fight through and get the experience, you can head back down to the first crossing past the merchant and enter Los Feliz. Follow the path forward and talk with Edwin. Choose to join the God’s Militia and he’ll inform you that you’ll need to speak with the guards at the gate beyond. Exit the conversation and continue forward until you come to the gate. Interact with the guard here and choose the Aspirant cue, then ask about the Gauntlet. From there, choose the Try conversation cue and head through the gate. Be careful in this area, as there are several enemies as well as land mines buried in the ground. 

Once you’ve reached the end of the Gauntlet, you’ll be given one final test: take the Bible from the brothers. All you’ll need to do here is kill one of them and they will surrender. Then initiate conversation with the only named priest and Accept the Bible from him. Use the switch on the right side of the door and pass through the gates into the Bastion of Faith. Head straight into the large building ahead.

If you took the underground path into the Bastion, you’ll simply need to exit the tunnel into the building and talk with Ascension McDade, the priest in the center of this room.

If you entered through the Gauntlet, you’ll need to cross into the right room of the building (the room with all the people in cages).

Talk with McDade and tell him you want to join the Church Vigilant. He’ll give you some line about not believing you, but will then offer to help you if you help him. Listen to him and accept his offer. He just asked you to gather evidence to put the leader of the church out. Make sure to select Radio when he asks you what you want. Before you leave this conversation, make sure to use the Simms conversation cue. You’ll need to know this name for another part of this quest coming up. Now head outside the main door of the Bastion. To the side, you should see a small fenced in area with several guards around it. Do not enter the area. Going too far into it will spark an attack.

Instead, use your lock picking skill through the hole in the fence. Choose the skill from your hotbar and then select the display case with an eyeball inside it. Grab the eyeball from it and then trace your steps back into the Bastion. 

Head forward this time and talk with Fealty Mayweather. Ask her about her black eye. She’ll write it off. If you have a high enough Kiss Ass level, you can use the conversation cue Ring and she’ll say that she doesn’t feel like fighting it anymore. After she says this, bring up Simms. She’ll ask how you know that name. Immediately show her Simms’ eye. Once she asks where you got it, tell her that Sanctity killed Simms. Now ask her about evidence against her husband Mayweather. She’ll agree and head off-screen to get it for you. Once she returns, head back to Mcdade and turn it in.

Now back step to the chapel (where you spoke with Fealty Mayweather) and watch the fruit of your labors play out. Once the cut scene finishes and you regain control of your party, you’ll need to speak with Mcdade, who will give you permission to use the radio tower. Take the key from Mayweather’s body and head outside of the Bastion and to the large guarded gate past where you stole Simms’ eye from. Speak with the guard and use the key on the gate. Enter the new area and continue up the path until you come to a well-guarded gate. Wait for the NPC to open it, then head in and attach the last Repeater Unit in your inventory to the tower. Now you’ll be reconnected to Ranger Citadel, where you can check in and advise them of the new information you’ve learned while in Los Angeles

You’ll also receive new information concerning another upgrade to your rad suits. To upgrade them, you’ll need 50 pounds (5 bags) of Zeolite. You will find this item throughout the side mission areas just as you found the bags of kitty litter.

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