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The Hyrule Warriors: Link, Impa, and Zelda

by Prima Games Staff

Hyrule Warriors offers a playable-characters list like no other game in The Legend of Zelda franchise. Heroes and villains, both new and familiar from past games, are available for gamers to select. Below, the Hyrule Warriors strategy guide author gives us his personal overview of three popular characters.



The Hero of Time, the Hero of Winds, the Hero of Light; Link has been known by many names and has lived a diversity of lives. In Hyrule Warriors, he dons the armor of a Hylian Soldier to become a hero on the battlefield. Armed with a veritable arsenal of weaponry, Link has more tools of attack than any other Warrior in the game. He’s also one of the fastest Warriors in the game’s catalog and is capable of air combos when using his Hylian or Master Sword. It may be difficult for gamers to part with Link on any Scenarios he is excluded from, but it’s probably for the best. Link is a great Warrior for any player to select, but it would be a shame not to explore the unique attributes of the other Warriors in the game.



Impa, the Sheikah tribesman, plays like a samurai straight out of feudal Japan. Speed, precision, and mass devastation are the traits she lays claim to. Wielding both a water-based Giant Blade and a fire-based Naginata, Impa has an elemental versatility that few other Warriors come close to having. This makes her utility in every Scenario second only to Link. Impa is undoubtedly one of my favorite Warriors in the game. This is not only because of her capabilities and speed, but also because a majority of her moves eschew flamboyance and stick to a strict “Get it done” approach instead. She wastes no time in defeating her enemies as her duty is, first and foremost, to protect Princess Zelda.



Graceful, elegant, refined, and skilled: These are the traits that best describe Zelda on the battlefield. She can alternate between the precise and elegant Rapier and the flowing, graceful Wind Waker as her weapons. However, don’t be fooled by her refinement. Zelda is easily one of the deadliest Warriors in the game. She can power up her Rapier to extend any of her combos with incredibly powerful Light element attacks that sweep the area of large quantities of enemies. She is also very agile and swift, making her hard to hit and even harder to stop.

Zelda is a joy to play and a welcome change from the dutiful nature of Impa, or the wild fighting style of Link. Her ability to power up her attacks makes her one of the more technically interesting Warriors in the game. Players should try to discover the best time to use those extra combo attacks and how to gain more without stopping Zelda’s assault.

These three Warriors are a blast to play and fans of both The Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors will enjoy giving them a spin.

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