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Is the Visitor Coming Back to Fortnite? Season X Teaser Suggests So

by Nicholas Barth

The buildup of excitement for Season X of Fortnite Battle Royale is currently underway. Epic Games has begun to reveal official teaser images for the theme of the new period of content. Monday, July 29th saw the latest of these Fortnite Season X teaser images be published. This unique image led to a great deal of speculation amongst the community regarding the possible return of the Visitor character to the world of the high-profile battle royale game. 

Is the Visitor Coming Back to Fortnite?

Players will remember the Visitor from the character’s actions in content period 4. These actions included the launching of the rocket, which caused the rifts that set in motion the events that transpired in Season 5 of the battle royale game. While the Visitor has not been around since the rocket launch, the second official teaser image for Season X of Fortnite has hinted at the possible return of the character. 

Visitor Fortnite Season X

This new teaser image shows off a robot-like character cloaked in shadow. However, the appearance of the character’s symbol in the teaser image has led to speculation about the Visitor’s return. This same symbol is on the arm of the mysterious figure. A large percentage of thinking has focused on the idea where this mysterious character from Fortnite’s past returns to the island with an army of robots to cause havoc.

Unfortunately, the Fortnite community will not know if Season X will see the return of the Visitor character until official confirmation arrives. However, it is looking promising the Visitor will once again be a significant factor in the universe of Fortnite when Season X comes this week. 

Do you hope to see the Visitor make an impactful return to Fortnite in Season X? Would you rather the mysterious character remain away from the popular battle royale title during its next stage of life? Let us know your thoughts over on Twitter at @primagames!

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