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Apparently Cats IRL Really Hate the Khajiit In Skyrim

by Liana Ruppert

There is a compilation of hilarious cat reactions to Khajiit in Skyrim and honestly? This is the type of content we need in 2020. One cat video, in particular, went viral over on TikTok when none cat really wasn’t feeling what a Khajiit was offering and it made us smile, so we wanted to share! 

TikTok user ‘MeganGriesemer’ took to the platform to share a hilarious video of her Khajiit in-game and how her IRL cat reacted to the feline in real time. Her kitty was pretty peeved at the Khajit on the screen, even raising their hackles in response before eventually morosely wandering away to do literally anything else than to deal with Khajit and their skooma. 

This person’s feline experience is far from the first hilarious interaction between a person’s cat and an in-game Khajiit, but every time someone share’s their cats reaction we smile and have to share. Can you blame us? This is adorable! Here are a few other cats/khajiit interactions that we thought you might like: 


Bless these cats and bless the owners that share their hilarious interactions. 

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