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A Very Chaotic Interview With The Wonderful Community Director of Among Us Victoria Tran

by Jesse Vitelli

Sometimes you have the chance to interview your heroes, people who do great work in the industry. You get to ask them hard-hitting questions about the games they are working on, what they are passionate about, and even learn a little more about them.

Update (12.1.21 12:38pm) Victoria Tran is now a member of the Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2022.

A Very Chaotic Interview With The Wonderful Community Director of Among Us Victoria Tran 

I opened Twitter today and found Innersloth’s Community Director Victoria Tran posting good content as per usual. You can find the Tweet that sparked this interview embedded below. 

I figured why not turn this funny post into something more official, so here’s an interview with Victoria, where she asks half of the questions to herself, and then I follow up with three more chaotic questions. 

Which fruit would you prefer had bones?

Victoria Tran: “This is a deeply personal question. How much could you tell about someone if they picked grapes? A banana? Peaches? Where does the bone go? Inside? Outside? Is it just one large bone or a bunch of tiny bones that feel like they’re going to get stuck in your throat (kind of like small fish bones)? I don’t want to sway the answer of this question with my opinion, so instead I have to ask the public what they think.

Note that some people would argue the bone is the seed, and I disagree. Seeds are just the organs.” 

Why did you tweet this *horrible Among Us post*?

VT: “Do you mean this post? Or this? Sometimes people ask why, but I think to be a true leader in the space you have to ask why not? “

What’s wrong with you?

VT: “So much. But here you are asking me about my bone fruit opinions. What’s wrong with the both of us.”

Jesse Vitelli : “If Kirby swallowed you whole what power would it get?”

VT: “Anxiety.”

Jesse Vitelli “What are you hiding from us?”

VT: “I think the better question is what am I NOT hiding from you? I’ve heard that people can lie on the internet. You better watch out for that.” 

Jesse Vitelli “Should more beverages have pulp?”

VT: “No, but I think it’d be pretty horrible if more beverages would just randomly curdle and you had to drink it.”

Anyway, I don’t think I’ve ever had an interviewee ask themselves half the questions or have anything come together like this, but it’s full of the chaotic energy I think we all needed on this Monday. (I know it is Tuesday) 

Among Us is out now on PC, Mobile, Nintendo Switch, and will be available on Xbox and PlayStation consoles on December 14, 2021.   


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