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Valorant Cosplay Is Just Getting Started, But It’s Impressive

by Liana Ruppert

Want some Valorant cosplay? Good, because we are serving up some of the best ‘lewks’ we could find! Even though the Valorant closed beta has only just dropped, the views are absolutely dominating all over Twitch and talk of this being the next big esports takeover is hot. As cosplayers are want to do, some are taking the characters they love the most and bringing into the real world with these impressive Valorant cosplay contributions! 

Valorant Cosplay

Cosplayer Sakuraflorr took to Instagram to share her progressive take on Jett from Valorant, a cosplay that she says is still a work in progress but looks pretty phenomenal thus far. Though simplistic, styling wigs is no joke and she even nailed the lighting down pat when it comes to recreating this Valorant character: 

The next cosplay we’ve got comes from cosplayer ‘Rpscos’ as she takes on the role of Sage from the increasingly popular game. She even has the hand movements down pat and we can’t wait to see how she develops this cosplay as the character itself evolves post-launch: 


Another favorite that we found is very much a work in progress, though the makeup, wig, and facemask are all incredibly perfect thus far. Given that this game just went live this week, the fact that so many cosplayers are jumping onboard the character love is impressive, especially when looking at even the smallest details such as her eye makeup:  

There are more Valorant cosplays on the horizon as many of the cosplay groups that I am are alight with excitement over character designs. It will be interesting to see this community and how it attaches to certain characters and how their takes on them grow as more about Valorant becomes available to the public. 

Interested in learning more about the game after seeing the above Valorant cosplay contributions, including more about the different characters and some sweet tips? Be sure to check out our dedicated game hub here to learn more about the first-person shooter. You can also hit us up with your thoughts on how Riot Games is approaching their latest title over on Twitter and Facebook

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