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Upcoming Xbox One Games of 2017

by Christopher Buffa

In 2016, video game fans enjoyed plenty of incredible games on the Xbox One, including Quantum Break, Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 3. We hope you’re ready for more, because there are plenty of promising games slated to arrive in the New Year. On that note, check out some of the upcoming Xbox One games of 2017.

Halo Wars 2 (February 21)

We love the original Halo Wars on Xbox 360, and can’t wait to check out the sequel early next year. Microsoft’s follow-up to the best-selling real time strategy game puts you in control of the crew from the UNSC Spirit of Fire, who wake up from hyper sleep following the events in Halo 5 with no knowledge of how the war between the human race and Covenant ended. You’ll take command of Spartans, Warthogs, Scorpions and other units as you navigate across the mythical Ark against a new enemy, The Banished, a gang of Brutes that broke away from the Covenant.  Dominate these lowlifes in single player, then take the fight online in game modes such as Skirmish, Domination and Deathmatch. 

Mass Effect Andromeda (release date TBA)

It’s hard to imagine a more anticipated game than the new Mass Effect. EA and BioWare’s gorgeous open world (scratch that… intergalactic) romp features new heroes to play as, along with the massive Andromeda galaxy to explore, complete with new planets and characters. What makes the game especially interesting is the fact that it takes place 600 years after the previous Mass Effect games, so while some things will be familiar, this is an all-new entry in the celebrated franchise. 

Crackdown 3 (release date TBD)

We spent a crazy number of hours playing the original Crackdown for Xbox 360, from collecting orbs high above the city to cleansing the streets of criminal scum. Admittedly, much of Crackdown 3 remains a mystery, but the fact that we can destroy everything in the open world is a huge plus. Agent of justice, ready for duty!

Scalebound (release date TBD)

Originally set to release in 2016, PlatinumGames new action RPG, Scalebound, was pushed back to 2017. Expected to be their biggest game ever, Scalebound follows a man named Drew, who controls a massive dragon named Thuban. Together, the two must fight their way around the world of Draconis. A big part of the game’s marketing thus far has focused on the ability to play the entire game cooperatively with up to four players, and many expect the combat to follow in line with the brutality and savagery of PlatinumGames’ previous titles, like Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and Bayonetta 2. What we’ve seen so far from Scalebound looks impressive, and PlatinumGames newest title could help start an entirely new franchise for the Xbox family.

Tacoma (release date TBD)

Developed by Fullbright, the developer responsible for hit indie game, Gone Home, Tacoma is set within a titular space station more than 200,000 miles from Earth. Much like their previous game, Tacoma will follow a mystery narrative, as the player tries to figure out exactly what happened to everyone on the space station. To do this, they must watch snippets of recordings and get to the bottom of the mystery before the calamity that emptied the station can come back to get them. Following in the footsteps of their success with Gone Home, Tacoma appears to be a massive leap forward for the indie developer, and we look forward to seeing more in 2017.

State of Decay 2 (release date TBD)

A lot of State of Decay fans were let down when developer Undead Labs had no choice but to drop cooperative play in the original game. Now the studio is back and ready to have another go at the open world zombie survival genre. Touting four player co-op, State of Decay 2 features concepts from the original, which featured intense zombie fighting, base building and even base management, but now with your friends. We don’t know too much yet, but if Undead Labs can successfully take the formula of the original game and turn it into a cooperative experience, this might be zombie gold.


Cuphead is probably one of the most anticipated Xbox One releases of 2017 if only because it was originally announced back in 2014 and expected to release in 2016. While delays have pushed Cuphead into 2017, the anticipation is only growing stronger. The game is inspired by 1930s cartoons and will offer 30 bosses to take down in a difficult retro gaming environment. If you’re a fan of bullet Hell games or retro shooters in general, Cuphead should be right up your alley.

Sea of Thieves

Rare may not produce as many games as the studio once did, but Sea of Thieves looks to achieve the greatness of the studio’s past. The massively multiplayer online pirate action game is both unique and inviting. Players take on the role of a pirate crew, complete with huge ships and naval battles, as they search for buried treasure and even get drunk with one another. There aren’t many first-person MMO titles, but even fewer with pirate themes, but Sea of Thieves looks as though it could start a trend.

For Honor

If you ever wanted to pit knights against Vikings and samurai, For Honor is the game for you. The latest title from Ubisoft lands on Valentine’s Day and plays more like a cross between a fighting game and a third-person shooter than anything else. Blurring genre lines isn’t the only positive aspect of For Honor as the multiplayer offers up to four vs. four battles over control of large battlefields. If you’re looking for something more intimate, you can play one-on-one more like a traditional fighting game, or try your hand at the single player campaign.

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