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The Top 50 Mortal Kombat Fatalities of All Time: 40-31

by Prima Games Staff

Yesterday, we kicked off our countdown of the top 50 Mortal Kombat fatalities of all time – and this list did not come easy. We scoured the history of Midway’s bloody fighting series to deliver the best – and perhaps most gruesome – ways to dispatch your opponent. For good measure, we’ve also thrown in a few oddballs, including some interesting friendships (friendships?) and an animality or two – just because they’re so awesome.

So, without further ado, let’s continue the countdown!

The Best Mortal Kombat Fatalities of All Time

40. Shang Tsung’s Rainbow Friendship (Mortal Kombat II)

Very seldom do you get to see a lighter side of the dark sorcerer Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat II, since he wants to rule both the Earth and Outworld and all that. So it’s surprising to see his friendship appear in Mortal Kombat II, consisting of a happy rainbow that shows you that everything is going to be fine. Until the next match starts and the dark reality sets back in, that is…

39. Scorpion’s Lair Fatality (Mortal Kombat)

Losing a match in a lava pit setting is humiliating enough – but the fatality of the stage is truly painful. The losing opponent winds up going face first into the hot goo, only to have their face melted off while they’re still alive. For good measure, the winner then kicks their head back into the lava, finishing them off for good. Um, ick.

38. Smoke’s World Explosion (Mortal Kombat III)

Smoke’s main fatality in Mortal Kombat III is truly ridiculous, as he doesn’t jus kill off his opponent, but also himself and, well, the world. He drops enough bombs to litter the entire stage, only to have the camera zoom out on the planet, shake a few times, and then explode. Yeah, Smoke, you win, buddy.

37. Sub-Zero’s Freeze and Smash (Mortal Kombat II)


An uppercut just isn’t enough when it comes to finishing off an opponent. Sub-Zero knows this, and has added a rather cold element to his fatality in Mortal Kombat II. He’ll freeze an opponent into a huge ice block, then jump over and smash it to pieces with a well-timed punch. Fun fact: it actually leaves more organs on the ground than are in the human body.

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36. Sub-Zero’s Snowman Friendship (Mortal Kombat III)

Sub-Zero could easily leave an opponent feeling ice cold, but he also knows how to lighten the mood. For his friendship, the ninja surrounds himself in snow and makes a delightful little snowman. Hmmm, something tells us he’d really like the movie Frozen. You know, “Do You Want To Build a Snowman”?

35. Kintaro’s Arm Rip and Head Smash (Mortal Kombat)

Rule of thumb – do not piss off Kintaro. His second fatality is a nasty number, where he flips his opponent around and rips their arms off from behind, and then tears their head off in the middle of a bloodthirsty scream, only to smash it to pieces moments later. Ten bucks says this guy would win in an arm wrestling contest. Easy.

34. Johnny Cage’s Torso Rip (Mortal Kombat II)


Johnny sure likes to show off, doesn’t he? However, when it comes to killing an opponent, he doesn’t fool around. One of his main fatalities in Mortal Kombat II is simply walking up and ripping his opponent in half, throwing their top half on the floor. To top it off, he puts his ego in full effect with sunglasses on his face, celebrating his victory. Of course.

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33. Jade’s Head-Splitting Spear Throw (Mortal Kombat: Deception)

Talk about being a headache. Jade’s best fatality in Mortal Kombat: Deception involves her throwing a large spear through someone’s head, and then, while they’re still stumbling about, doing a backflip and throwing them down to the ground. That gives us migraines just thinking about it…

32. Shang Tsung’s Identity Theft (Mortal Kombat)

Shang Tsung has no shortage of outstanding fatalities in the newest Mortal Kombat – including a tribute to Joker from Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. However, his “Identity Theft” one is a trip, as he sucks his way into an opponent’s body and forces them to pull off their own head.

31. Kratos’ Stage Fatalities (Mortal Kombat)

Out of all the stage fatalities in the newest Mortal Kombat game, Kratos’ is by far the sickest. You can choose between three different ones with a simple button press, and watch your opponent get skewered by spikes, burnt alive by torches, or mushed by a series of grinding pistons. Whichever you choose, your opponent is in for a world of hurt on their way out.

The Best Mortal Kombat Fatalities of All Time

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