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Top 50 Greatest Fighting Moves in Video Game History: 20-11

by Prima Games Staff

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All this week, we’ve been counting down the top 50 greatest fighting moves in video game history. From Peacock’s ridiculous Goodfellas super to Shang Tsung’s soul-sucking fatality, there have been enough great ones to get us in a fighting mood. 

We’re not done yet. We’re continuing the countdown by heading into the top 20, and we saved some of the best for last. 

20.) Johnny Cage’s Crotch Punch (Mortal Kombat)

There’s no questioning the power behind Johnny Cage’s crotch punch. He performs a split and lets loose with a ferocious blow to the groin that would make anyone – even women – wince. It’s such a legendary move that it appears in the classic Mortal Kombat film, as you can see above.

19.) Ragna’s Inferno Divider (Blazblue) 

Uppercuts are the bread and butter for some fighters, creating a launching point that could lead to a devastating combo, or better yet, a set-up for a super attack. Ragna’s Inferno Divider is one of the best, a mighty upward slash that scores impressive damage on his foe. For good measure, he even shouts “INFERNO DIVIDER!” while he performs it. 

18.) King’s Giant Swing (Tekken) 

Before Cesaro mastered the move in the WWE, King was the master of the giant swing in the Tekken series. He would pick up an opponent by his or her legs and swivel them around several times before sending them flying across the room, resulting in a huge loss of damage. It’s a lot of fun to execute.

17.) Kano’s Heart Rip Fatality (Mortal Kombat) 

If there’s one fatality still fresh in the minds of Mortal Kombat fans, it’s Kano’s heart rip. Once his opponent is ready to be finished off, Kano simply reaches in and latches out their still-beating heart, leaving them just enough time to see it before they fall over dead. Clearly, Kano’s a fan of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

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16.) Mai Shiranui’s Ryuuenbu (King of Fighters)

Mai Shiranui is incredibly beautiful, but don’t let her good looks fool you – this chick came to fight. One of the greatest moves in her arsenal is the Ryuuenbu, where she launches into a spin that results in a huge burst of fire, which leaves her opponent smoldering in its wake. Execute it just right and you’ll score multiple hits.

15.) Sarah Bryant’s Flip Kick (Virtua Fighter) 

Sure, a lot of fighters have flip kicks in fighting games, but few look as graceful as Sarah Bryant when she executes hers. She swiftly launches into the air and connects with an opponent both on the ground or in the air, providing a strong defensive tactic as a result. It’s got great range, too, thanks to those long legs of hers. 

14.) Yoshimitsu’s Suicide (Soul Calibur) 

It’s bizarre to think that one of the most powerful moves in Yoshimitsu’s arsenal would do damage to himself as well. Still, his Suicide move is dazzling, as he impales himself with a sword while at the same time doing massive damage to his adversary. Hey, if you’re gonna go, you might as well take someone with you, right? 

13.) Wolverine’s Berzerker Barrage (Marvel vs. Capcom)

Charging attacks are a great way to lean into an opponent and set them up for a combo. You won’t find many better than Wolverine’s Berzerker Barrage. Execute the move and he’ll launch forward into an enraged clawing attack, one that can register multiple hits if you do it right. There’s plenty to love about this move, bub. 

12.) Sub-Zero’s Spinal Rip Fatality (Mortal Kombat) 

Kano’s fatality may have made our top 20, but when it comes to a personal favorite, we have to go with Sub-Zero. It’s not enough that he leaves you cold during the actual fight, but then he’ll go and rip off your head, spine still connected, and showcase it like a trophy. 

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11.) Blanka’s Electric Thunder (Street Fighter 2)

Blanka is easily one of the best Street Fighter characters around – and if you need proof, look no further than his Electric Thunder technique. He’ll charge up enough to create an electrical field around his body, which is effective not only for nearby ground enemies, but foolish airborne rivals who try coming in with a jumping attack. That’ll show ’em.

Check out Prima’s list of the Top 50 Greatest Fighting Game Moves of All Time!

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