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Top 100 Best Video Game Cheats, Codes and Tips of all Time: 100-91

by Prima Games Staff

Welcome to our top 100 Video Game Cheats, Codes and Tips of all time feature. Here, we’re counting down some of the craziest, quirkiest and most helpful cheats you can find in video games. This took quite a while to put together, but the results will certainly pay off, especially if you’re stuck.

Let’s get started by counting down the tips from 100-91. We’ll continue this over the next two weeks, so be sure to check back and see if your favorites made the list!

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100.) Alien Trilogy – Pink Acid Boots (PlayStation, Saturn)

Back in the PSX/Saturn days, the game Alien Trilogy did a serviceable job of bringing the sci-fi series to a first-person shooter. With the help of an interesting code, you can unlock everything in the game, including unlimited firepower and invincibility. On the password screen, enter: 1GOTP1NK8C1DB00TS0N, with digits replacing the vowels as shown. You’ll be good to go. No, you won’t be wearing pink boots.

99.) SSX 3’s Awesome Snowballs (PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube)

SSX 3 is a terrific snowboarding game, but it’s even more fun when you get to throw snowballs at your opponents. To gain this playful ability, go to the password entry screen and enter: bestyouveneverseen. Just try not to lose your balance in the process, or you’ll eat snow.

98.) Unlock Eyedol in Killer Instinct (SNES)

Even though we have a new Xbox One edition of Killer Instinct to entertain us, the SNES edition that came out nearly 20 years ago definitely has some merit. Now you can play through the game as the final boss, Eyedol. Highlight Cinder on the main menu, then hold right and quickly press L, R, X, B, Y, A. That two-headed fiend is as good as yours.

97.) Unlock Ryu’s original blue uniform in Ninja Gaiden (Xbox)


The original Ninja Gaiden on Xbox remains one of the toughest games ever made. While we don’t have an invincibility cheat for you, we do have a way to play in Ryu’s traditional blue get-up. Simply hold down L + R triggers on the main menu, and then press A to start the game. Nothing beats the classics.

96.) Unlock Howard the Duck in Lego Marvel Super Heroes (Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4)

Howard the Duck isn’t exactly the most popular Marvel character out there – especially if you considering his somewhat quirky 1986 live-action film – but we’ve got the code that’ll let you do damage with him right away. Go to the pause menu and select Extras, and then enter the code J58RSS. He’ll be available from there. Pair him with Deadpool for some real laughs.

95.) Mortal Kombat 2’s Hidden Game of Pong (Arcade)

It’s not often you see a bloody fighting game like Mortal Kombat revert back to the good old days of gaming, but that’s the case with Mortal Kombat 2.  Reach 250 battles with the game and a special message will appear, challenging you to a quick round of the Atari classic. The only downside is that the bumpers don’t bleed.

94.) Big Daddy in Age of Empires (PC)

There are some great cheats in this strategic adventure, but none are quite as bizarre as the Big Daddy cheat. To activate this, head into the text screen and enter “BIGDADDY”. From there, a Winsett’s Z vehicle will show up with a mounted gunner shooting a rocket launcher. Bet this wasn’t anywhere in the history books.

93.) Super Monaco GP’s Headless Driver (Sega Genesis)


Want a really bizarre cheat in the Sega Genesis racing game, Super Monaco GP? While in the middle of a race, get to the first place position, then head towards the finish line. Right before you cross it, hold down the A, B and C buttons. Do this correctly and the driver will hoist his own head instead of a trophy on the next screen. Way to get a-head, buddy!

92.) Zorking Out In Call of Duty: Black Ops (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3)


One of the unique surprises in Call of Duty: Black Ops is a text adventure game from the good old days, Zork. To experience this classic, head to the main menu, then tap the left and right trigger to escape the confines of your chair. Head to the computer behind you and type in Zork, and you’ll be able to play it. Consider it a nice break from first person shooting.

91.) Ristar’s Adorable Level Select (Sega Genesis)


Finally, to top off our selections for the day, we look back at a 16-bit platforming classic, which you can also find in Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection for PS3 and Xbox 360. To unlock level select, head to the password screen and enter: “ILOVE U”. From there, you can select whichever stage your heart desires.

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