Top 100 Best Video Game Cheats, Codes and Tips of All Time: 70-61

How to find the bonus level in StarFox and get unlimited lives in Kid Icarus.

Welcome to Prima’s Top 100 Video Game Cheats, Codes and Tips in history. The countdown continues with 10 excellent games, including StarFox and Kid Icarus, to name a couple. Did your favorite title make the list? Let us know!

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70.) StarFox: Finding the Awesome Bonus Level (SNES) 


The original StarFox on the SNES is still one of the best space shooters available, but did you know there’s a neat little bonus level containing a jackpot machine as a boss? Go to course three and get to the second stage, and use the plasma cannon to blast the large asteroid on the lower right hand side. Upon doing so, a bird will fly free from the wreckage. Fly up to it and prepare for bonus stage goodness! (

69.) Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: Zombie Mode (PSN, Xbox Live Arcade) 

Scott Pilgrim has enough to deal with, tackling seven evil ex-boyfriends in order to win the heart of Ramona Flowers. However, with this special code, you can take on an armada of zombies as well. Head to the title screen and enter Down, Up, Right, Down, Up, Right, Down, Up, Right, Right, Right. You’ll unlock Zombie Mode, giving you plenty of undead people to pummel.

68.) Kid Icarus: Unlimited Lives (NES) 

Kid Icarus is one tough game – you’ll see the “I’m finished” screen quite often if you aren’t prepared. Luckily, there’s a password that will give you unlimited lives, so you can keep coming back for more. On the password screen, enter ICARUS FIGHTS MEDUSA ANGELS. Doing so will unlock unlimited lives to keep Pit in the fight.

67.) Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: Play As Akuma (Arcade)

Akuma is easily the most feared of opponents in this classic Capcom beat-em-up – so wouldn’t it be great to play as him? With this cheat, you can. Go to the character select screen and highlight Ryu for three seconds, then go to T. Hawk for three seconds. Then press left and highlight Guile for three seconds. Press down and left to highlight Cammy for three seconds. Press left and then up to go on Ryu for three seconds. After three seconds are up, press HP + MP + LP + start. With that, Akuma is all yours. A little complicated, but worth it.

66.) Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater: Beat The End Quickly (PlayStation 2)  

The End can be a real pain in this Metal Gear Solid adventure, especially if you aren’t prepared for him. Fortunately, you can beat him using a neat little trick with the PlayStation 2’s time and date system. Save the game while you’re fighting him, then reset your console and go into the system set-up menu. Change the system clock for one week later, and then reload the game. The End will have died of old age!

65.) StarCraft 2: Build Faster (PC)  

StarCraft 2 will certainly keep you busy with its enormous battles and huge building system – but did you ever feel like it can take forever putting things together? Not to worry. Press Enter and type in “cwai” on your keyboard. Press Enter again and you’ll be able to pick up the pace when it comes to the building process.

64.) Earthworm Jim 2: Map Warp (Sega Genesis) 

Earthworm Jim 2 picks up right where the first game left off – with plenty of action and silliness to go around. However, it’s easy to get stuck. Simply pause and press A, C, C, B, A, A, B and Up, and you’ll be able to warp anywhere on the current level. Find the position you want Jim to go and press A, and he’ll jump back onto the stage. Groovy!

63.) Medal of Honor: Play as a Velociraptor in Multiplayer (PlayStation)  

Although it’s primitive by today’s standards, Medal of Honor’s multiplayer did pretty good on the original PlayStation front. If you want to mix things up, enter the password SSPIELBERG and then head into multiplayer. You’ll be able to rip people apart with a velociraptor. It’s Jurassic Park all over again!

62.) Ghouls ‘n Ghosts: Invincibility (Sega Genesis) 

Ghouls ‘n Ghosts is incredibly tough, especially when it comes to playing through all the levels a second time around before facing the final boss. Thankfully, you can do it while keeping your lives – and armor – intact. On the title screen, press start, then A, A, A, Up, Down, Left, Right, press and hold B, press start, and then hold C and press start. You’ll be good to go.

61.) Grand Theft Auto 5: Drunk Mode (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)

It’s not wise to get drunk in real life and go crazy, so save yourself some bail money and stick to doing it in Grand Theft Auto 5. To activate the game’s Drunk Mode, go into the game and press Triangle, Right, Right, Left, Right, Square, Circle and Left on PlayStation 3. For the Xbox 360, press Y, Right, Right, Left, Right, X, B and Left.

Miss the greatest video game cheats? 100-91|90-81|80-71|70-61|60-51|50-41|40-31|30-21|20-11|10-1

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