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Top 100 Best Video Game Cheats, Codes and Tips of All Time: 40-31

by Prima Games Staff

When in trouble, use a cheat. That’s what many gamers have said over the years, and thankfully, developers packed some of the greatest titles of all time with codes that give fans that all-important edge. That said, we’re back with the top 100 cheats. Today, you’ll spot two familiar politicians in the original NBA Jam, as well as one of the coolest cheat codes in the N64 classic, GoldenEye.

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40.) Super C: 10 Lives Code (NES)

While not as famous as the Contra 30 lives code, this one will still give you a 10-player boost in Super C. Head to the title screen and enter Right, Left, Down, Up, A, B and Start on your controller. Do it right and you’ll see 10 in your player count. Red Falcon doesn’t stand a chance!

39.) Twisted Metal 2: Unlock Minion (PlayStation)

If there’s one guy that brings a whole lot of power to Twisted Metal 2, it’s Minion. He rolls up in a big tank that can take quite a few hits, while at the same time unleashing firepower that even Sweet Tooth can’t match. Here’s how to unlock him right away. Go to the vehicle select screen and press L1, Up, Down and Left. Once he becomes available, the tournament is yours to conquer.

38.) NBA Jam: Always be on Fire (SNES)

Being “on fire” is pretty sweet in NBA Jam, as it allows you to use unlimited turbo running up and down the court, while making guaranteed three pointers from across the arc. To always be on fire, press B seven times before starting a game, and then hold Up, Y and B until tip-off begins. You’ll burn up the court in no time.

37.) Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts: Level Select (SNES)

Capcom’s third entry in the Ghosts ‘n Goblins series is one tough mother. In fact, some of you probably haven’t even made it to the final boss. You can change that using the game’s level select cheat. When you’re in the options menu, highlight “Exit” and hold down the L button and Start with the second controller. While using this, press Start on the first controller. You’ll jump through stages in no time!

36.) Goldeneye: Paintball Mode (Nintendo 64) 

Paintball mode is a stylish little addition to the classic Goldeneye game, if only because you can leave fun paint marks on anything. To unlock it, beat the opening Dam level on Secret Agent difficulty in 2:40 or less. It might take a few tries, but splattering walls in green and blue is well worth the effort.

35.) Saints Row the Third: Pimps, Prostitutes and Exploding Bodies (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)

Ready to have a real party in Saints Row the Third? Now you can with pimps, prostitutes and…explosions? Head to the cell phone menu and look under Extras, where you’ll be able to enter cheats. Put in “hohoho” to unlock pimps and prostitutes. Want to go the extra mile and make bodies explode in the game as well? Put in “notrated.” Your day will definitely get more interesting.

34.) Max Payne: Unlimited Bullet Time (PlayStation 2) 

Bullet time is a noteworthy asset in the original Max Payne, but you can only use so much of it in a shootout – unless you use a cheat, of course. To unlock unlimited bullet time, pause the game and enter L1, L2, R1, R2, Triangle, X, X, and Triangle. Unpause the game and you’ll have all the bullet time in the world.

33.) Silent Hill: The Easiest Final Boss (PlayStation) 

The final boss in Silent Hill can be a real pain in the neck – but there’s an interesting cheat that’ll finish him off. Go into the room where the boss is located without any ammunition for your weapons. If you’re unarmed, he’ll die on his own terms. Yeah, that’ll teach you, bud.

32.) NBA Jam: Unlock Bill Clinton and Al Gore (SNES)

Earlier, we highlighted a Democrats vs. Republicans code for NBA Jam on the Wii – but now we take it old school with Bill Clinton and Al Gore in the original SNES game. To unlock them, enter initials AR and then K while holding Start and L buttons for Clinton, and enter NE and then T while holding the L and R buttons to get Al Gore. Hail to the chief!

31.) Doom: Unlock God Mode (PC)

Yet another Doom code made its way onto the list – and this one will give you invulnerability when facing off against the hordes of Hell. Type in “IDDQD” on the sub-menu and you’ll be able to take whatever they dish out and come back for more.

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