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Tomodachi Life: How to Create Your Mii

by Prima Games Staff

Nintendo’s Tomodachi Life is sort of like Animal Crossing: New Leaf in the sense that you interact with a variety of characters and tend to their needs, except you create the island’s citizens. In addition to your personal Mii, you can put your loved ones and celebrities into the game in the hopes of creating the ultimate community of happy people. 

With this in mind, the developers provide a variety of options. On that note, here are some tips to creating Miis in Tomodachi Life.

Tip: You can have up to 100 people on the island. Visit the Town Hall to create more. 

Start from Scratch or Transfer from Mii Maker

Providing you already have a Mii on your 3DS (and like it), the easiest way to bring him or her into Tomodachi Life is to simply Transfer from Mii Maker. If you prefer to start from scratch, that option is also available, and features a similar suite of tools you might be familiar with.  

A third option, Create from Photo, generates a Mii using a picture taken with the 3DS front-facing camera. Unfortunately we did not like the results. Granted, the experience is different for everyone, so if you’re still curious, give it a shot. Make sure you snap a photo in a bright environment and stand in front of a plain background. If you care about having eyebrows, make them visible. 

Fill in the Entire Profile

You don’t have to provide a birthday or nickname for each Mii, but why avoid it? Entering the necessary information will result in a more in-depth Tomodachi Life experience while giving your Mii more to say. Yes, Mii characters speak in Tomodachi Life. 

Make Changes on the Fly 

The name of the island and Mii designs are not set in virtual stone. You can change this info whenever you want. Is your nose too big? Did you recently dye your hair, or want a different hair color in the game? The same goes for character information. Forget to add the year you were born? Not a problem.

How to Choose the Perfect Mii Voice in Tomodachi Life

Nintendo has six pre-set voices spread across the following moment’s in a person’s life: child, adult and elderly, with two options for each, one boy and one girl. 

Thankfully, the process is a bit deeper. You’re able to customize your Mii’s voice via sliders that cover pitch, speed, quality, tone, accent and intonation. There are literally hundreds of combinations available. See what you come up with. 

How to Choose a Personality in Tomodachi Life

There’s no use having a voice without a personality. Nintendo lets you do this with a slider system that deals with character movement (slow or quick), speech (polite or direct), expressiveness (flat or varied), attitude (serious or relaxed) and overall (quirky or normal). Depending what you choose may result in an Outgoing Trendsetter or an Easygoing Dreamer, among other options. 

Tomodachi Life is available for 3DS June 3rd.

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