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Titanfall: Working on the Guide at Prima HQ

by Prima Games Staff

It is impossible to compress a two-week trip to Prima HQ into a few paragraphs, so I decided to focus on the parts that stuck out most in my mind: our exorbitant number of trips to Mikuni Sushi, the pathetic amount of facial hair I have for being a 29-year-old “man,” and how I am dominating in the drinking game Buffalo.

Let’s start with Buffalo. What is the Buffalo drinking game you ask? First off, this should not be called a game, it is a serious lifetime commitment. My motto is: “You can get out of a marriage but you can’t get out of the Buffalo Club.” Basically, in the Buffalo drinking game you can only drink with your non-dominant hand. If you are caught taking a sip of a drink with your dominant hand you are required to chug the rest of the drink. This is generally done only with adult beverages. However, we professional gamers like to play everything on the hardest difficulty. So if we get caught drinking anything with our dominant hand, we have to finish the drink no matter what it is. Ask StrongSide if he enjoyed having to chug his large peanut butter and oatmeal smoothie! So far in 2014 I have a flawless record; not once have I got called on a Buffalo, nor have I incorrectly called a Buffalo. I’m sure one of the other guys will update you with a picture when I inevitably get Buffaloed later this year. You would think with my amazing Buffalo streak so far this year that my confidence would be at an all-time high, right? Wrong! I got a sad reality check early on in the Prima office. Just because I am good at a drinking game, doesn’t make me a “man”.

Around the first week of our trip, when our crew was playing Titanfall in the back room, someone in the office noticed that we all were sitting in order according to how much facial hair we each had. That led to the brilliant idea of doing an “Evolution of the Beard” picture. From my point of view, this is how it felt. Getting asked to be part of a beard picture? Awesome! Getting asked to be part of an “Evolution of the Beard” picture as the starting point? I just lost 20 hard-earned man points.

Lastly, it wouldn’t be an official Prima trip unless we went to the same restaurant an unreasonable amount of times. Last trip, for the Battlefield 4 guide, we went to a place called Yard House at least five times a week. This trip our restaurant of choice was Mikuni Sushi. This place did not disappoint once with their food or service –which is impressive since I went there 12 times over the course of two weeks. I went on a sashimi binge nearly every trip.

In addition to delicious food and quality service, I loved the lion fish tank that they had in the front lobby!

My favorite trip to Mikuni had to be when we surprised our friend Coby. To set this up we called Ken, Coby’s dad, asking if he would meet us for dinner while keeping it a surprise. Ken came up with a brilliant plan. Ken told Coby “Some kids in town think they can beat you in Halo, think you could take them?” Coby replied “Not a chance in the world that they could beat me, let’s go meet them!”

While we didn’t get to settle the talk with a Halo game, it was a great time catching up with our friend and eat at one of my favorite sushi restaurants. 

Walshy, Flamesword, StrongSide, and Coby at Mikuni!

There is so much more I would love to write about for this trip, but I have to catch up on all the homework I missed! If you want to stay up to date with our live shenanigans on these Prima trips, be sure to follow our twitter accounts as we tweet regularly when we are on the road! 

Walshy: @Walshy304

Flamesword: @FlamesworDsQ

StrongSide: @mcstrongside

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