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Titanfall Premier Event: Behind the Scenes with StrongSide

by Prima Games Staff

The other week I had an incredible visit to Hollywood to attend a Titanfall premier event with my good buddy Mike “Flamesword” Chaves (aka the Optic Beard). We were so ready to play since we had been grinding on the game for weeks writing the Prima Games Titanfall strategy guide. This was our chance to put our skills and what we had learned to work!

We started out the event by meeting and some truly awesome people. We chatted with big names such as Major Nelson, Vince Zampella, Joel Emslie, Abbie Heppe, Dominic McCarthy, Mat Everett, LevelCap, Goldenboy, Nadeshot, BigTymer, Fwiz, Hex . . . the list goes on. It was cool to hear their perspective on Titanfall and what they see for its future. We went back and forth discussing the unique style of FPS gameplay Titanfall has brought to the table. This game is going to change the way people look at FPS games. We were all in agreement that we just want the game to release ASAP so we can play the full game as often as we want.

The event was held at a venue called “Milk,” an extremely nice location with everything we needed to game Titanfall non-stop! There were at least 30 gaming stations set up and each station had its own recording equipment which allowed us to record our gameplay. Respawn sent us home our own SD card so we could upload gameplay for you to see.

Now onto the gaming! When they told us seats were available for us to play Titanfall, we immediately sat down and began to put our skills to work. It was awesome getting to play with a handful of different people and put our strategy from the guide to work. All was going well for me and Mike while dropping huge numbers in the K/D ratio. We played a handful of different game modes and our teamwork was supreme. But enough of me talking about it, check out my gameplay from the Titanfall event below and let me know what you think in the comments section!

At the end of the event we were sent home with a goodie bag filled with a Titanfall t-shirt and Limited Edition controller (#sogood). We also were given an NVIDIA Shield which looks awesome!

Big Thanks to Respawn for holding an amazing event and sending us home with some goodies. I cannot wait to play the full game on March 11th.

Join us February 14th from 11 – 5 Pacific for the Titanfall Beta Live Stream. You can watch us show off our Titanfall skills, and you could walk away with your own goodies!

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