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Titanfall Advanced Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Earlier this week, we brought you 10 Beginner’s Tips for Titanfall. If you haven’t already read that article, do so and return to this one; you have to learn to run before you can wall run. Now that we put serious time into this game, experiencing all its maps and modes, we decided to share with you a list of 10 advanced tips. To share your own tips, leave us a comment below.

Titanfall is available now for the PC and Xbox One. To take your strategy to new heights, be sure to pick up the Official Game Guide by Prima Games. With top down views of all 15 maps and custom load outs from professional gamers, it’s a must have for casual and serious players. Pick up the Limited Edition for custom lithographs of the Stryder, Atlas and Ogre Titans.

Titanfall the Titan

Although this tip might seem random, there’s a trick to pulling this off. If you want an epic kill that is montage worthy, jump on an opposing Titan’s back as you would to perform a Rodeo Kill. Rather than go that route, though, call in your Titan. This is the most likely way that you’ll take one out aside from random luck. It will also count towards your Death From Above achievement that requires you to kill five players by Titanfall.

Pull Rank Burn Card

The Pull Rank Burn Card is best used before the round begins. Equip it to shave 80 seconds off the four-minute build time of your Titan. If you’re running with a group that communicates, plan to have all six team members use this trick. The result is you having six Titans stomping around the maps while your opponents are stuck killing Grunts to lessen their own build times. When done correctly, this is almost always a guaranteed win.

Bumper Jumper

Xbox One players will want to visit the game’s Options menu where they can adjust the button layout. If you want to enter the elite ranks of control while double jumping and wall running, try switching to the Bumper Jumper button layout. This moves your jump button from A to the Right Bumper. When you are mid-air, this will allow you to keep your thumb on the Right Analog Stick for precision aim. It might take some getting used to before you dominate, but the results will be worth it.

Here Comes the Boom

Since unlocking and equipping the Satchel Charge, our Ordnance kills as Pilots have gone through the roof. These work the same as C4 in Call of Duty or Battlefield. They will stick to any surface and are quite hard for opposing players to spot. Try tossing them around the area near a Hardpoint that your team controls. When you start losing that objective, detonate the charges to take out anyone nearby.

Arc Mine Traps

This is directly related to the previous tip in its effectiveness and execution. The Arc Mine doesn’t have a lot of explosive damage, yet it is triggered by proximity and will disrupt the vision of nearby Titans and Pilots. Try littering these near your team’s flag in Capture the Flag. When an opposing player passes near one it will explode, possibly killing him or her. You can also combine this tip with our previous one and leave them scattered around a Hardpoint.

The Big Man can Run

Sticking with Capture the Flag, did you know you can transport the flag in your Titan? You’ll need to jump out when you get close to your base, but this does seem like an extremely effective way to minimize the risk involved. For one, Titan’s move faster than Pilots. Second, they can take a lot more damage, increasing the chance you’ll make it back to your base. Think about using the Stryder Titan for this move. It’s the fastest of the three options and can Dash more than its Ogre or Atlas cousins.

Titan Martyr

Eventually you’ll face four, five or even six enemy Titans. Luckily for you, there’s an effective way of taking some of those evildoers with you. Make sure that you have your Titan’s Tier 1 Kit set to Nuclear Ejection, with the Tier 2 Kit ideally set to Auto-Eject. When things go bad, try to corner as many enemy Titans as you can. When your Titan’s health reaches critically low levels, you’ll automatically eject as it explodes and kill anything and everything nearby.

Wall Hang Cloak Trick

This is especially useful for Hardpoint Domination. When you’re taking a Hardpoint, jump and wall-hang, using Cloak to make yourself harder to see. Even though skilled Pilots will spot you, this trick will buy you an extra second to get the first shots off. Either that or drop down for the satisfying, neck breaking melee kill. This tactic also works great when you’re being shot at, but aren’t sure from where. Escape into a building, using your Cloak as you wall-hang. When your attacker follows to finish you off, drop down to turn the tables.

Hack the Turrets

This doesn’t fall into advanced when you consider the difficulty, yet so few players do it that it made the list. Across some maps in Titanfall (such as Smuggler’s Cove), there are turrets perched on the rooftops. These can be hacked by approaching them and pressing X for the Xbox One. Hacking a turret will make it friendly, causing it to engage the opposition. Of course, enemies can just as easily reverse this so it engages you.

Cluster Missile

Full credit goes to our good friend and fellow Prima Games team member, Darokaz, for pointing this out. The Cluster Missile is definitely our early favorite for Titan Ordnance. This missile not only deals damage on impact, it also continues to release secondary charges that will seriously injure or kill anything in the area. Consider firing it into windows where Pilots camp, and if there is more than one, get your PVR ready to capture the multi-kill you’re about to get.

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