Titanfall: 10 Ways It Will Change Multiplayer Gaming

Respawn Entertainment's multiplayer opus will shake things up in more ways than one.

Since it was announced earlier this year, Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall has gained a whole lot of speed heading into its release in 2014. There are a number of reasons for that, especially if you’ve played the multiplayer-oriented game as we have.

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Still, if you need a breakdown as to what makes this game so special compared to, Battlefield 4 or Call of Duty: Ghosts, we’ve got you covered. Here are ten ways that Respawn’s experience will change the way you look at multiplayer shooting forever. 

1). The Titans

First off, you could run around on foot taking down soldiers, but the real joy comes from climbing into a large Titan and letting loose with insane firepower. These things can take quite a bit of damage as well, meaning you can stay in the fight longer than you could just running around on your own.

Oh, and did we mention you could stomp on soldiers with a Titan? You can’t go wrong with that.

2). Maneuverability

Where most first-person shooters have you limited to running, ducking and jumping to slightly higher ledges, Titanfall makes the sky the limit as far as where your soldier can go. In an unprecedented move, the game lets your soldier run along walls, grab onto ledges and double jump to reach higher ledges, via rocket boosters. This not only gives you better maneuverability in getting around a level, but also makes the game flow faster.

Plus, you can deal with those pesky snipers without having to worry about leaving yourself vulnerable by climbing a ladder. Ladders are for board games – we want to jump in and take someone out.

3). The Post-Match Chase

It’s not enough that you defeat your team on the battlefield in Titanfall; you also need to make sure you put an exclamation point on the victory. So, at the end of each match, you’ll have the opportunity to either make a run for it in a nearby evacuation ship, or hunt down the remaining members of the enemy party to show your true dominance. Either way, it adds a nice touch to the usual “your match has ended” message that’s plastered at the end of each round. 

Sure, you could stay and try to stand your ground, but chances are the odds would be against you. You know what they say, “Those who live to run away, live to fight another day.” (Unless your dropship is leveled, of course.)

4). The Ability To Get Back Into the Action

The changing scope of each battle in Titanfall presents you with a great opportunity to get even with enemies. Let’s say you’re getting torn apart in the ground battle, with about three to four kills. Not to worry, as being able to jump into a heavily armed Titan lets you turn the tables with ease, gunning down those jerks that took you out in the first place.

Just remember, revenge is a door that swings both ways. You could find yourself on the receiving end of vengeance if you aren’t careful. Ouch.

5). Get in and Get Going

The campaign aspect of the multiplayer game is built in such a way that you can get in and get into battle very easily. There are cinematics, story-telling, and character development, but none of it gets in the way of you getting into battle, it only enhances the experience.

Sometimes it’s just easier to get in the fight. Ask any competitive Call of Duty player and they’re sure to agree.

6). The Awesome Map Design

With most first-person shooters, you’re given general sized maps that let you figure out what tactics to use, though sometimes you’re left wishing they had a little more oomph to them. From what we’ve seen thus far, the maps in Titanfall are nothing short of plentiful, with plenty of interior and exterior spots to pick your battles. In addition, those who prefer the sniper standpoint will find plenty of locales to stand your ground and pick off a few soldiers.

With the consistent chaos erupting from each battle, you’d probably be better off not staying in one place for too long. Still, it’s nice to see you can move around without being so easily in the open – where you’re likely to be picked off…

7). Modes Aplenty

Not only do the maps show a great deal of diversity, but each one actually comes with its own custom multiplayer mode.  Each one has missions that tie in with specifics from multiplayer basics, such as Team Deathmatch or Capture the Flag (or, in this case, Hard Points), and players can vote on which one they prefer to play in multiplayer mode.

We have yet to see all the options that are available, but the sheer thought that each level will be different from the next…well, that’s more than enough to get players excited again.

8). Weapons, and More Weapons

With most first-person shooters, you’re limited to a certain type of firearm, depending on your soldier class or skill set. With Titanfall, however, there’s a lot of diversity between such powerful tools as the Archer, MGL, Sidewinder and B3 Wingman, as well as your Titan’s weaponry, including a very effective rocket launcher and a boom-worthy Arc Cannon. Though sometimes you’ll have to stick with what you’re given in battle, you won’t be left empty-handed.

Oh, for those bringing a Smart Pistol against a Titan’s rocket launcher…uhhhh, good luck. (Boom.)

9). Up Close and Personal

If you’re not too keen about getting railed by a Titan while you’re riding around in one, you can take a chance and get close enough to one that you can rip the soldier out of its guts, then fling him inside. NOTE: this takes quite a bit of skill to do, and you could take a massive amount of damage in doing so. Still, how awesome is it that you can shut down a Titan by ripping out its heart?

It only makes us wonder what other games, like MechAssault and Armored Core, would’ve been like by taking the pilot out of the equation.

10). Destroying Someone In Mid-Air

Finally, there’s the mid-air kills…and these are nothing short of stupendous. When a Titan is about ready to blow, the pilot will have the option to eject and avoid being taken out by its explosion. However, this leaves them vulnerable for several seconds before they make their gradual return to Earth. If they aren’t careful, someone in a Titan can easily lock onto them and blast them from the sky.

It’s not so comfortable being on the receiving end of the blast, but if you’re delivering it, well, it rocks.

Titanfall will release on PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on March 11th. Be sure to order your copy of the Titanfall Limited Edition Prima Official Games Guide.

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