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Thief: Choose Your Style

by Prima Games Staff

Thief is a stealth-based adventure, but there are many ways to approach its countless scenarios. Will you show mercy on guards by sneaking past them without a trace, or do you prefer a more tactical or confrontational approach? The actions you take determine your end-of-mission scoring and playstyle rating. In this article, we explore the many factors that can influence your playstyle in Thief.

Ghost Playstyle

The Ghost playstyle is awarded to thieves that leave no trace of their presence. To achieve this, Ghosts call upon stealth and diversionary tactics to slip through areas unseen. Leaving guards unharmed, avoiding detection, and resisting opportunistic urges (such as extinguishing flames and picking pockets) all increase your chances of earning the Ghost playstyle. Though challenging to achieve, this playstyle often comes with the greatest end-of-mission rewards.

Opportunist Playstyle

Opportunistic thieves strive to maximize their material gains and achieve tactical advantages. Picking pockets without harming the victim and extinguishing flames to darken areas are the most common ways to earn the Opportunist playstyle. Cunning thieves can further ensure that this playstyle is received by exploiting the environment, such as by knocking down hanging objects onto unsuspecting threats. This tricky playstyle requires guile to achieve, but it’s possible if you avoid confrontation and utilize the environment.

Predator Playstyle

The Predator playstyle is perhaps the easiest to achieve, but it also comes with the greatest risk. Defeating guards in direct combat is one way to go, but this places you in peril. To achieve the Predator playstyle with minimal risk, get to higher ground and look to perform aerial takedowns on unsuspecting guards. Or simply slay guards with arrows from afar. Headshots are ideal for silent kills, but even crippling a guard with an arrow to the body or leg can set him up for a direct combat takedown. The main drawback to the Predator playstyle is the danger in which it places you, along with the cost of the arrows you’ll be using to achieve stealthy kills.

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