The Perfect Pokemon Soundtracks For Shiny Hunting

Your odds in finding a shiny Pokemon are 1 in 4,096 but the odds of you enjoying these songs are 1 in 1.

Long gone are the days of shiny hunting through pixelated grass, hoping that your random spawn will be a shiny Pokemon. Much less a shiny you actually want. Now, trainers can cultivate Mass Outbreaks, see Pokemon in the overworld, and increase their shiny odds through well-made sandwiches and charms.

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Despite these strides, shiny hunting is still a time-consuming affair, but the proper soundtrack can make things better. These themes, taken from cities and routes across the Pokemon generations, are the perfect way to settle in and enjoy the ride.

Generation I – Red / Blue 

Route 24 Theme 

Route 24, also known as Nugget Bridge, is iconic and grandiose. And what track is better to represent a Shiny Hunt than the song that led to gold? 

Generation III – Ruby and Sapphire 

Petalburg City Theme

The Petalburg City Theme song is bright and optimistic as our shiny Pokemon dreams, but slightly more mellow than Route 24. It’s here that trainers met Wally, inspiring him to start his Pokemon journey.

Generation II – Silver / Gold 

Cianwood City Theme

As Petalburg City theme fades, Cianwood City’s theme will get you settled in, nice and cozy. Cianwood is nestled against a mountain and the sea, a perfect place to unwind. It’s likely at this point that you’ve knocked out a dozen or so Pokemon, and your quest is well on its way.

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Generation IV – Diamond and Pearl 

Canalave City Theme

As Cianwood City’s Theme comes to a close, Canalave City’s Theme is there to draw you back into the water, away from the ocean, and into the canals that bisect this dreamy city. Trainer’s will recall that this city was a little more than met the eye, as it was the place they first learned about the myths of Sinnoh as well as the place you can begin your quest to meet the Lunar Pokemon, Cresselia, or the Pitch-Black Pokemon, Darkrai.

 Generation VIII – Sword and Shield 


The canals of Canalave City fade away, and you’re transported to Circhester, a city cradled by perpetual snowfall, kept warm by ancient hot springs. You’re well on your way to getting those odds in your favor, Trainer, you’ll find that shiny Pokemon, eventually. There’s no need to rush or stress yourself over it. This peaceful theme is perfect for the ancient city it belongs to, and the perfect song for our midway point.

Generation V – Black and White 

Accumula Town 

The theme song for Accumula Town is a fan favorite for good reason. Not only is it the town where you first meet N, it’s a song that’s upbeat and soft without being too much. Accumula Town has a theme you could listen to all day. Perhaps even do a few twirls with a Mr. Mime, Jynx, or even a nimble Dragonite. 

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Generation VI – X and Y 

Lumoise City 

It’s in X and Y that the theme songs get much clearer and crisper, but Lumoise City’s Theme remains much of Accumula Town’s charm. It’s perfect background music, but triumphant enough to remind you of all those good times in the lovely streets of Paris Lumoise City.

Generation VII – Sun and Moon 

Route 10 

We leave the streets of Lumoise City to venture into the Alola Region. While Route 10 isn’t as vibrant as Route 24, the triumphant strings and deep drums make it seem like you’re on the up-and-up, just moments way from achieving everything you ever wanted – that shiny Pokemon.  

Good luck finding that Pokemon, trainer! And enjoy the journey with a few songs.

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