The Best Gifts to Impress Your Gamer This Valentine’s Day (2023)

Gifts guaranteed to give your relationship +50 affection

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us! Do you have a gift that will get your beloved gamer’s heart thumping? If not, never fear. These gifts are sure to get your relationship to the next level. Here are the best gifts to impress your gamer this Valentine’s Day 2023.

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The Best Gifts to Impress Your Gamer This Valentine’s Day

A Love Ball for the Pokefanatic

If there’s something that’s almost universally loved, it’s Pokemon. It’s a franchise that’s been a part of many gamers’ childhoods. And one of the best ways to bring a bit of that childhood nostalgia into their life is with the newly released Replica Love Ball, available from Nintendo’s official Pokemon Center?

This Replica Pokeball offers everything you’d want (beyond a Pokemon inside, of course). It’s designed to be the size of a real Pokeball; its die-cast metal material means that it has a good heft. And its touch-and proximity-sensing technology causes the button in front to light up when you draw close to it. There’s even a Pokemon-catching light sequence.

But beyond all that, it’s adorable. You can find it at the Pokemon Center for $99.99. And if that sells out (as it likely will, it’s very popular) there’s always the Heal Ball, which is equally cute.

A Gaming Playlist for Those Marathon Sessions

If you don’t have $100 to burn, that’s okay. Not all gifts have to have a price tag attached to them. One fantastic gift idea is to create a gaming playlist for your loved one. And if you’re unsure where to start, there are endless playlists on Spotify and YouTube for almost every game to give you a good jump point. Checking out your loved one’s most-played Spotify songs is also a good way to find inspiration.

Conquer the World With Love in These Co-op Games

Games are always best played together. And what better way to spend Valentine’s Day than playing with your favorite gamer? There is no shortage of fun co-op games, so here are some of the best picks for each console. But many of these games work across platforms!

PC GamersHaven. Haven has you and your partner exploring an unknown world. You’ll need to find parts and materials to fix your ship and make it a cozy home. This game mingles everyday life, like cooking meals and collecting resources, with moments of combat. This combat utilizes synchronized actions, emphasizing the importance of trust and working together. Find it here for $24.99.

PS4/5 – Wattam. This fun, light-hearted game is about friendship and discovery. Every character is an inanimate object, and it’s been described as a “goof-around simulation” with ample puzzles, secrets, and mini-games. The perfect game if you just want to have fun with your loved one. Available in the PS Store for $19.99.

XboxIt Takes Two. This game is purely for co-op, and your partner can play it for free with the Friend Pass. Together, you’ll play as the clashing couple Cody and May, who will need to work together to conquer a variety of unique challenges and puzzles. Available in the Xbox store for $39.99.

Nintendo Switch – Spiritfarer. This is the perfect game for when one person isn’t very comfortable with games yet but still wants to play. This game is a cozy management game where one player plays Stella, a ferry master who helps spirits cross into the afterlife. The second player will play Daffodil, Stella’s adorable cat. Available in the Nintendo Switch store for $29.99 (but if you buy it on Steam, it’s currently reduced to $7.49).

MobileStardew Valley. The King of Cozy games, this farming simulator can be played across any platform and is the perfect co-op game. Not only can you farm together, slowly building an idyllic life, you can even get married! Available on Google Play Store for $7.99.

Replace the Valentine Bear With Their Favorite Game’s Mascot

Valentine Bears are a staple of the holiday. Generally, they tote a cute red heart that says something kitsch but cute like, “I love you beary much.”

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But you can do so much better. Consider this: their favorite game’s adorable (and sadly, frequently overpriced) mascot. And believe me, no matter how serious the game is, it probably has some sort of sellable mascot. Resident Evil? Has the Cerberus Plush ($54.99). Silent Hill? Robbie the Rabbit ($29.99). It kills me inside that no one has ever bought me the Yachemon Hot Dog Guy from Overwatch ($18.99).

If you’re unsure what the mascot of their favorite game is, just google “*partner’s favorite game*” and “plush” and you’re sure to get a few results.

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