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Star Wars Battlefront: How Do Star Cards Work?

Everything you need to know about Star Cards, Charged Star Cards and Traits.
This article is over 8 years old and may contain outdated information

Star Wars Battlefront contains a variety of Star Cards for use in different Multiplayer, Battle and Survival Modes. While creating your loadout, the game lets you assemble a hand of three cards, comprised of two Star Cards and one Charged Star Card. 

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The difference? A Star Card grants access to another weapon. Meanwhile, a Charged Star Card provides a weapon mod or newfound ability; think shield or increased shooting accuracy. Both feature cooldown timers, so after using a card, you must wait until it becomes available again. A Charged Star Card also needs one charge to use. Look for the number of charges remaining on the card, and pick up additional charges while exploring the maps.

You begin unlocking cards after reaching Level 2, and earn more advanced cards through leveling up. Unlocking cards is only part of the process. You will need to earn credits to buy them. To earn credits in Star Wars Battlefront, get experience, complete challenges, collect mission stars and dominate Base Command.

Reach higher ranks and you’ll be able to buy Traits cards for 9,000 credits each. Bring one Trait into a match and level it up over time by obtaining kill streaks. 

Below is the full list of cards in Star Wars Battlefront. 

Star Cards

Barrage: Available at Rank 24

This lets you unleash a triple threat of grenades with a small delay period, allowing for one big explosion. You can spread these around and cover a greater range, should you need to clear out a certain area or do more damage in an open space. 

Upgrade the barrage with a faster cooldown time between uses, bringing it down to 15 seconds.

Bowcaster: Available at Rank 32 

Want to fire explosive bolts instead of throwing grenades? This Chewbacca-like weapon will do the trick, unloading between one-to-five explosive bolts in a horizontal arc. You can charge the shot to prepare as many bolts as you want to fire, then release the button.

This gun takes approximately 18 seconds between uses, but you can speed that up to 15 seconds if you want to level up the gun.  

Cycler Rifle: Available at Rank 28

The Cycler Rifle is probably the best kind of sniper rifle to have on hand, since it can easily hit targets from long range and also penetrate energy shields. Keep in mind you don’t want to go too long on your shots, as your bullet eventually drops. Use it against Jump Troopers to get them out of your way.

This gun can be upgraded to have 10 seconds of cooldown time, instead of the routine 15. It’s not that big of an upgrade, but every second counts. 

Flash Grenade: Available at Rank 20 

Want to disorient a group of enemies? Try throwing this grenade, which works similar to Call of Duty’s flashbang. Once it’s thrown, you’ll confuse foes within the blast radius, allowing your squad to move in. 

Cooldown time for the flash grenade takes about 16 seconds, but an upgrade cuts that down to 12.

Homing Shots: Available at Rank 11 

Activate this and you’ll be able to use a homing shot that locks on to an enemy soldier from afar. You’ll simply need to line them up in your sights and fire away. Provided they don’t run for cover, it should be a guaranteed hit. 

Cooldown time takes about 18 seconds, but once you upgrade this Star Card, you can cut it down to 15. 

Impact Grenade: Available at Rank 6

A level up from your default Thermal Detonator, the Impact Grenade explodes once it comes into contact with an object. It has a pretty big range, so you can still injure someone if he or she avoids the device itself. 

Cooldown time for this weapon is around 16 seconds per use, but you can cut that down to 12 with an upgrade.

Ion Grenade: Available at Rank 4

This powered-up grenade deals damage to vehicles, shields and droids. Rely on this when taking down vehicles in Supremacy or Walker Assault modes, and even Survival. 

The weapon has a cool-down time of 16 seconds, but an upgrade can cut that down to 12. 

Ion Torpedo: Available at Rank 9

This modification of the MPL-57 weapon system can do major damage to vehicles, droids and turrets/other stationary weapons using a homing shot. However, you need to make sure you’re in a safe spot when firing, as you’ll be vulnerable to enemy fire. 

Cool-down time for the weapon is 15 seconds, but one upgrade will bring that down to 12.

Jump Pack: Available at Rank 16

Using burst thrusters available on the pack, you can jump long distances with this item, covering more ground on the map and sometimes evading dangerous situations. You can also jump before blasting off to get even more height, which is helpful when it comes to snagging collectibles on certain maps. 

The cool-down time for the jump pack is 16 seconds, but one upgrade should help you bring it down to 12. 

Pulse Cannon: Available at Rank 6

This long-range rifle is superb if you enjoy some sharpshooting. Its charge-up time lets you pick off several soldiers with each shot you take. 

The gun takes 18 seconds to cool down, but an upgrade reduces this to 15.

Scout Pistol: Available at Rank 4 

If you have a lot of enemies in close range, this is perfect for clearing them out. It’s able to fire a multiple number of blasts within that distance, although it’s useless for long-range attacks. 

Cool-down time for the Scout Pistol takes nine seconds, but with an upgrade, that can go down to six.

Smoke Grenade: Available at Rank 13 

While this is easily the weakest grenade of the bunch, it does generate a large smoke field, so you can fool the enemy and ambush them while they’re disoriented. Throw it in a good spot, though, or they may see you coming. 

The cool-down time for the weapon is 20 seconds, but you can bump that down to 16 with an upgrade. Remember, the smoke only lasts for 15 seconds. 

Thermal Detonator: Available at Rank 2

The last weapon-based Star Card is the first one you’re likely to unlock, as it enables you to throw a grenade-like weapon at enemies. Its beeping will indicate it’s about to go off.

Cool-down time for the weapon is 15 seconds, but you can cut that by a third to ten seconds. 

Charged Star Cards

Cooling Cell: Available at Rank 7 

Once this is activated, you’ll be able to fire your weapons more frequently without penalty. This is great if you’re surrounded by enemies, or want to let loose with more gunfire. 

The firing only lasts a short while, but you can upgrade the weapon to last five seconds. From there, you’ll have to wait 20 seconds to use it again.

Explosive Shot: Available at Rank 18 

With this weapon, you can fire several explosive bolts from your current blaster. It’s ideal for clearing out smaller areas or defending a point on the map. 

The gun can take 20 seconds to cool down, but you can upgrade its active time to last longer, going from three to five seconds. 

Focus Fire: Available at Rank 7 

Once you activate this, you’ll have superior aiming and firing ability with your key weapon. Save it for longer-range weapons, since close-range combat is already effective. Use it to take out numerous targets from a distance. 

Cooldown time is approximately 20 seconds, and you can upgrade its active use from seven to 10 seconds if you want longer firing ability. 

Ion Shot: Available at Rank 7 

Once you activate this, you’ll be able to fire ion-charged bolts with your primary weapon, which can damage shields, droids and vehicles. The thing is, it only lasts around seven seconds, so you want to make your shots count. It can also reduce damage to humans by 50 percent, so keep that in mind.

Active time for the weapon can be bumped up with an upgrade to 10 seconds.

Personal Shield: Available at Rank 22

With the Personal Shield, you’ll be able to protect yourself from blasts via energy weapons. However, it doesn’t quite protect you completely, as Cycler Rifles and grenades can still do harm. It’s helpful if you’re stuck in the middle of a firefight. 

Active time for the Personal Shield is seven seconds, but if you wish, you can push it to nine.

Scan Pulse: Available at Rank 13 

With the Scan Pulse, you’ll be able to spot enemy soldiers on the map, including those behind cover. 

Cool-down time for this ability is eight seconds, and it lasts seven, but you can upgrade it so that cool-down is only five seconds, and active time boosts up to 10. 

Trait Cards

Bodyguard: Available at Rank 15 

Want to withstand blasts? This card will do the trick.

Bounty Hunter: Available at Rank 26 

You’ll have a better chance of earning power-ups depending on when this is activated. 

Scout: Available at Rank 15

Feel like running through the battlefield? Give this card a try and level it accordingly. 

Sharpshooter: Available at Rank 26 

This one’s for players who like to get their headshots, as shown in the rankings below.

Survivalist: Available at Rank 15

Finally, if you need a quick health pick-me-up, this Trait will do the trick. 

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