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Square Enix Updates – Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Kingdom Hearts 3, 2.8 and 0.2

by Bryan Dawson

Most of the Square Enix presence at E3 was focused around Final Fantasy 15 and Kingdom Hearts 2.8. However, in the days and weeks that followed more information has been made available regarding Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3. Let’s take a look at how these two games are shaping up, when we’ll hear more about both, and what you can expect from Kingdom Hearts 2.8.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Square first showed off the updated version of the classic title at E3 2015, with another trailer following late last year at PlayStation Experience. There have been a few updates since that time, but for the most part Square has been silent about the title. Don’t worry, development on the game is still progressing well.

While Square Enix hasn’t decided when a new trailer of more information will be released about Final Fantasy 7 Remake, it is coming. The next piece of information will be significant instead of small tidbits. Expect a blowout of new information when Square Enix feels the time is right. The development team doesn’t want to continually release small tokens of information, but a tidal wave is coming the next time the game is discussed.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Previous Kingdom Hearts titles have offered fairly lengthy introductory areas that give the player a bit of back story so they know what’s going on. That won’t be the case when it comes to Kingdom Hearts 3. Both Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and Birth By Sleep 0.2 will act as a prologue to Kingdom Hearts 3. If you haven’t played either title you may be a little lost as Kingdom Hearts 3 begins. The developers consider this to be a reward for players who have been following the various Kingdom Hearts titles through all these years.

Next year is the 15th anniversary of the original Kingdom Hearts and Square Enix has quite a few things in store for fans. However, the next significant amount of information on Kingdom Hearts 3 won’t come until around the release of Kingdom Hearts 2.8 later this year. At the very least fans can expect Kingdom Hearts 3 cut scenes to visually look on par with those found in the Kingdom Hearts X portion of 2.8.

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep 0.2

Birth By Sleep 0.2 was originally planned to be a short episode addition to Kingdom Hearts 2.8 that was only about as long as a single world in a normal Kingdom Hearts game. Throughout the development of the title, the team now feels as though that portion of 2.8 is considerably longer. What was playable at E3 2016 was taken directly from the beginning of the game. When all is said and done, 0.2 will include multiple Disney worlds, each with a different and unique gameplay element. There will also be side content for players who wish to complete everything in the game.

We’ll have more on Kingdom Hearts 2.8, Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake in the coming months!

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