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Special Gears 5 Esports Lounge Event From Topgolf Coming Soon to Houston

by Liana Ruppert

Topgolf  made a huge splash in the esports scene when the company revealed their new lavish lounges added to their numerous entertainment venues. To celebrate gaming and the community that makes it so great, there is an upcoming Gears 5 event held in Houston, Texas sponsored by New Belgium! 

The upcoming event will take place at the Topgolf’s Houston location on December 9th with the festivities kicking off at 5 PM. For those that love to wreck some serious havoc with a solid lancer gun, the Gears 5 4v4 event will allow players to eat good food and destroy their enemies while also offering a chance to hit a few rounds of golf in between matches. 

For those that may not know, the Topgolf f esports venues offer a full-service restaurant and bar, over 200 HDTVs, free WiFi, a stunning rooftop terrace that hosts a fire pit, and a gaming lounge specifically meant to highlight the best of the videogame and esports community. 

This is the second Gears 5 event of the year, the first held during the Charlotte event earlier last month on November 20th which included the London Ravens esports team to up the ante a bit more in the spirit of competition. 

The intimate gaming event is all made possible due to an incredible sponsorship team that includes New Belgium, a company known for their tasty, tasty beer. 

Games, good food, and good gaming? What more could you want? The Houston location is one of many that Topgolf offers, you can learn more through the official Topgolf website right here to learn more about a location near you. 

This is a sponsored post. 

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