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SNES Classic Edition Accessories

by Christopher Buffa

With the SNES Classic Edition, Nintendo put everything you need inside of the box, including an extra controller for multiplayer games like Contra III: The Alien Wars and Super Mario Kart. However, there are some cool items that might take your 16-bit experience to the next level. With that, below is a short list of SNES Classic Edition accessories you should check out this holiday season.

Controller Extension Cables

The NES Classic Edition controller cords are three-feet long, which means you need to sit too close to the TV to play your favorite games. Nintendo remedied this with the SNES Classic Edition, with five-foot-long controller cables. The extra two-feet make a huge difference, but depending on your setup, this might still be a bit on the short side. Fortunately, you can stretch the distance a massive 10 feet with these extension cables from Orzly. The best part? They also work with the NES Classic Edition controllers. 

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2.4G Wireless Controller

If the thought of being wired seems unappealing, there are some wireless controllers for the SNES Classic Edition. This one from 8bitdo comes with a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, and there are two versions with different colored face buttons, but it comes out December 10.

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Deluxe Carrying Case

You can always put the SNES Classic Edition back into its box while on the go, but this carrying case from PDP looks cool. In addition to its tough exterior that protects the SNES Classic, you have interchangeable panels featuring box art from some of the games, like Super Mario World, Super Metroid and F-Zero. This sets the case apart from the others that are currently available. That said, the PDP case doesn’t come out until November 15, but based on what we’ve seen, this might be worth waiting for.

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