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Smash Bros. Wii U – Villager Demo Impressions

by Bryan Dawson

When we last looked at the Animal Crossing Villager in Super Smash Bros. Wii U, we didn’t have a lot to go off of. We analyzed the limited number of videos and screenshots that Nintendo had released at the time, but we had no other source of information. Now we finally have a few more details about the Villager and how his various attacks work.

One issue the Villager may have in competitive play is that his movement speed is fairly slow. However, he does have other movement options such as the Lloid Rocket. When the Villager uses the Lloid Rocket, he can shoot it like a projectile, or ride it across the screen. Now we know that he can only have one Lloid Rocket on-screen at a time

The Villager’s recovery move, Balloon Trip isn’t as simple as pressing up and B. You have to rapidly press B in order to gain more height with the recovery move. However, this also gives him a considerably amount of height on his recovery. His up air and down air pull out a random number of turnips. He can pull out one, two or three turnips, with the damage on the attack increasing as the number of turnips increases. You can combo from his up tilt to his up air. In fact, his up tilt seems to be more useful than his up Smash, and executes faster (although isn’t quite as powerful).

His slingshot projectile is the VIllager’s forward and back air attack, which has solid knockback and inflicts approximately four percent damage when it hits. Meanwhile his neutral air is a short-range cartwheel that inflicts a whooping nine percent damage. Although with its limited range it may not be particularly useful unless you can combo into it (which is definitely a possibility).

One final interesting detail about the Villager is his Timber (down B) special attack. When used the first time, the Villager plants a seedling in the ground. On the second use, the Villager pulls out a watering can. If used on the seedling it grows into a tree, but if used away from the seedling, it blows back any opponents within range (causing no damage). A third use causes the Villager to pull out an axe, which has solid knockback and good damage if used on an opponent. When used on the tree, it takes two swings to bring the tree down, which has a large hitbox, great knockback, and will sometimes cause a tree stump item to appear.

At the very least, it seems as though the Villager may have a high learning curve, but he definitely has options. In the right hands it seems as though he may have very solid edge guarding abilities with Timber and a few other attacks.

Stay tuned to Prima Games as we have more Smash Bros. Wii U information coming your way!

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