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Skyrim: Special Edition Confirmed For PS4, Xbox One

by Prima Games Staff

Get your spell chants on, because it’s time to go back to Skyrim.

Last night, during the company’s annual pre-E3 press conference, Bethesda confirmed that the game would finally be making its debut on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, arriving on October 28th. As expected, it will feature remastered visuals, as well as all previously released content in one convenient package. The trailer below says it all. (It starts about three minutes in.)

In addition, those that have purchased the game and all of its Legendary Edition content on Steam will also be able to get an upgrade to the Special Edition free of charge – so you’ve got that going for you. No word if the upgrade is available yet for console owners, as Bethesda hasn’t said a peep.

Fus ro dah – the fun is back!

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