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ScreamRide: Launching and Destruction Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Destruction is the name of the game in ScreamRide for Xbox One and Xbox 360. In it, you’ll launch canisters of different sizes at buildings and other objects, as you hope to earn a high score in a limited number of turns. However, there are a few strategies you’ll want to keep in mind to achieve the best run possible.

Timing your throw

The first thing you’ll want to get down before launching your human-filled canisters is the timing. You’ll be able to adjust where you throw your projectile using the analog stick, and then increase or decrease speed by pressing the adjacent trigger buttons. The faster you go, the more distance you’ll get – but sometimes you’ll want a lower speed for better accuracy, especially for hitting items up close.

When it comes to timing your throw, don’t go nuts. By holding down the A button, you’ll see a trajectory line appearing in front of your canister, showing where your launch will end up. You’ll want to use this to get the most effect from your throw, as hitting it too early or late will force it to fall into the water or miss the target.

You can always start your game over again by hitting down on the D-pad. Mastering your throw takes time and patience. There will be moments where you won’t hit your target – especially smaller items like a speeding boat or a bulls eye. Keep at it!

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to use different types of canisters. The small circular pods you start out with can’t hit much, but you’ll soon have access to more advanced ones that break apart at the push of a button. With these, you can cause more damage, especially from a distance. Use them sparingly, though – you only have so many to go around per turn.

In addition, don’t forget aftertouch. Upon launching a canister, you’ll be able to guide it with air pressure systems using the analog stick. This helps add refined control following a throw, so you can get that much closer to your target. It’s a helpful component, and will assist you in getting the best score possible.

Explosive assistance

Always use items in the environment. These include explosive barrels, trampolines and launchpads, which you’ll easily be able to see before starting your first throw.

Explosive barrels are usually lined up along the top, middle and bottom of certain buildings. Even if you don’t hit them directly with your pod, they’ll still go off if any sort of debris comes in contact with them. When you launch at buildings, you don’t always have to go towards the bottom where the barrels are. Aim for the middle and you’ll eventually drop through the structure and reach the explosive barrels. That will bring down the buildings and boost your score.

Trampolines provide an additional boost on your throw, and are quite helpful reaching buildings that may be further away from you. Aim for these with a proper amount of speed (around a five or six) and use aftertouch to hit them just right. Doing this will allow you to fly in the air, and thus get that much closer to hitting your intended target. Just make sure you hit the surface of the trampolines – the side could result in you bouncing off into the water, thus losing a turn.

Launchpads let you fire a canister in a completely different direction than the initial throw. With these, you can aim a second shot for stuff behind you, like signs that can be shattered and bulls eyes. Take your time, since you can keep the canister on the launchpad as long as you want. Once it’s set, fire and watch the chaos continue.

Watch out for bonus goals

When it comes to racking up a better score in the destruction stages of ScreamRide, sometimes hitting the least obvious targets is the best way to go.

Pay attention to the challenges pointed out before you begin a stage. You’ll see certain objectives that will get you that much closer to completing a level, such as using launchpads, destroying portals and hitting bullseyes. Complete these and you’ll get a better score than you normally would for just destroying stuff.

Watch out for vehicles as well. A huge blimp floats in the distance, and is easy pickings because it’s so large. However, it’s quite a ways away, so you’ll want to make sure you have your throw meter at the maximum capacity – and that your accuracy is spot on. Again, don’t be afraid to start a stage over if you miss the first time around.

Finally, the tiny speedboats may be the toughest things in the game to hit, mainly because they’re small and fast. Watch their routes using the secondary camera angles in the game, then time your throw so the canister will come down just as the boat is about to pass.

ScreamRide is available now for Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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