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Saturday Night Live Spoofs The Division 2 In Hilarious New Skit

by Liana Ruppert

Saturday Night Live has been offering comedic gold since 1975 and is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon and that much is apparent with their latest parody featuring none other than Ubisoft’s The Division 2. For anyone that has played the Tom Clancy looter shooter, the fact that the NPCs are quite the chatter boxes is nothing new. SNL took that NPC quirk and made it a highlight of their most recent episode. 

With Pete Davidson taking on the role of a gamer, the skit began with Davidson heading into a GameStop to partake in a VR version of The Division 2. While the actual game doesn’t have zombies, instead enemy factions, Davidson’s character encountered many annoying NPCs, including Game of Thrones star Kit Harington and Mikey Day. How are they annoying, you might ask? They just won’t shut up. Which, to be fair, is pretty true to the game (zombies aside). 

While the skit is meant to make fun of The Division 2, in the show it’s referred to as Earthwar 3. For fans of The Division though, that NPC noise is instantly recognizable. 

While the skit is hilarious, thankfully the Invasion update made it not so relevant to the current state of the game. The most recent content update that went live drastically reduced the those chatterboxes to a more manageable state (thankfully), but at least we’ll always have this parody to remember those not-so-fond times in The Division 2.

As for the game itself, The Division 2 is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC with the first raid poised to go live on April 25th.


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