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Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell Advanced Tips

by Prima Games Staff

We covered the basics for Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, the latest chapter in the ongoing action series from Deep Silver. Today we’re getting in-depth with the weapons that make a difference in the game, as well as some of the collectibles that will help you unlock these dangerous toys, just in time for your final battle with Satan.

With Divine Power Comes No Responsibility

As you proceed through the opening stage of Gat Out of Hell, you’ll come across characters that provide you with a number of powers that you can use periodically, provided you have enough energy to pull them off. You should be able to use a power twice before waiting a few seconds for it to recharge.

First up is the ground stomp. By activating this using the D-pad, you can send enemies flying with a well-placed stomp on the ground. The range is quite good, and if you time it just right, you should be able to take out multiple enemies at once.

Next up is the divine aura. Once activated, you have a few seconds to run up to enemies and automatically light them on fire. However, keep in mind this doesn’t work on vehicles or stronger foes as easily as it should – you’ll still need a weapon.

The next ability allows you to call upon imps to do your dirty work. Once you summon these little creeps, they’ll automatically run towards the nearest enemy and chip away at them until they’re finished. You can also throw these little guys, in case you need to take out foes from a distance.

Finally there’s the freeze blast, a familiar ability from Saints Row 4. It’s rather basic, as you can fire at enemies to freeze them, then kill them with traditional weaponry. This is the best ability for dealing with airborne ships and flying foes, as it’ll send them crashing down to Earth with minimal effort.

All of these abilities are useful, depending on the situation, so be sure to play around with them and see what works best for you.

Gotta Have Soul

One huge collectible featured in Gat Out of Hell is the Soul Cluster. You’ll find these scattered throughout each of the islands, and getting enough of them will allow you to unlock new abilities and gain access to other items.

They come in two colors – blue and pink. Blue are the most basic souls, with one count per orb. Still, it never hurts to go after them, as a large number of these will give you some great stuff in the menu.

Pink clusters are a bit different. They’re larger orbs broken into four fragments, and in order to account for all of the souls picked up, you need to snag all four in a small time frame. They’re pretty close together and connected, so it’s simple to find the next nearby orb. If you miss out they’ll reset, and you’ll need to start all over again.

Glyphs are also a great collectible in the game, as they will grant you access to some of the Seven Sin Weapons. The first one comes easy, as you can find three Glyphs after helping out Blackbeard aboard his ship. Doing so will provide access to a chest that contains one of the weapons. Other glyphs open up over the course of the game, and once you reach level 15, you’ll be able to activate a Collectible Finder that points them out more specifically.

Seven Sins, Seven Weapons

For each of the seven deadly sins, you’re able to find a coordinating weapon in Gat Out of Hell that does significant damage. They’re highlighted below.

Envy: Uriel’s Edge

This large sword has a golden blade, lit by fire, and can cut through almost anything with ease. In addition, you can send fire projectiles at your enemies.

Pride: Gallows Dodger

This combination weapon acts like a shotgun, but can also cut enemies up close. It fills up with each kill you achieve, and eventually it goes wild and creates a huge attack that can hit anyone within range. Ideal for when you are surrounded.

Greed: Diamond Sting

This SMG-style weapon lets you shoot diamonds at enemies. While that sounds like a waste of valuable resources, they actually do a great deal of damage. That said, it costs quite a few souls to pick up, so make sure you save whatever you can to add it to your collection.

Lust: Boom Chicka

A love gun? Indeed. The Boom Chicka is a terrific weapon that hits enemies and draws them to one another in a love frenzy – before blasting them off the face of the Earth.

Sloth: Armchair-A-Geddon

Getting this chair is the stuff of dreams, as all you need to do is sit back and let loose with twin machine guns and reloading missiles. This chair does a significant amount of damage, and it’s probably the easiest to find in Hell, conveniently located in one of the later stages.

Wrath: Ark of the Covenant

Remember the relic from Raiders of the Lost Ark? The one that melted all those Nazis? Well, there’s one in Gat Out of Hell. After you defeat Satan’s number one lieutenant later on in the game, you’ll gain access to the Ark, suck up the souls of enemies and then spew them back out with one explosive gasp.

Gluttony: Last Supper

Finally, the Last Supper gun works in a similar manner as the Boom Chicka, but instead of lust, it shoots frosting. While that doesn’t sound like the most lethal substance, other enemies will be driven to it and practically eat away at their buddies until there’s nothing left. Spread it around and watch your foes munch themselves to nothingness. A bit gross, but highly effective.

Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell is available now for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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