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Resident Evil 7 – Collector’s Edition and Preorder Details

by Josh Hawkins

Resident Evil 7 is slated to release later this month, and while the game looks to take the series in a new direction, some fans might find themselves wondering which version of the game is the best to pick up. We have all the details, and we’ll talk you through all the differences, so grab yourself a notepad, grab a pen, and let’s dive into the differences between the standard, deluxe, and special editions of Resident Evil 7 as well as preorder details.

Why Should You Preorder?

Sometimes it can be scary to preorder a game, especially when you aren’t sure how it will turn out. In order to alleviate this fear somewhat, developers often offer special editions of the game for fans to pick up that offer unique goodies like in-game items, or even special physical collectibles. Oftentimes these add-on items aren’t worth preordering for, but when it comes to Resident Evil 7, the available goodies that fans get for preordering are pretty good, all things considering. Preordering the game will net you the Survival pack, which includes some Herbs, a First Aid Med, a Strong First Aid Med, and a Lucky Coin. You’ll also automatically unlock the ability to play the game on “Madhouse Mode” difficulty, which is the difficulty level many returning Resident Evil fans will want to experience the game on. Of course, whether or not to preorder the game is solely up to you, so weigh the options before making a decision.

Now that you know what preordering gets you, let’s dive into the details surrounding each version of the game currently available for purchase.

The Standard Edition

 The most basic version available to consumers, the Standard Edition of Resident Evil 7 costs $59.99 and comes with the base game and nothing else. If you preorder it you will receive the Survival Pack and Madhouse Mode difficulty unlock, but aside from that things here are pretty basic. This will be the most common version of the game purchased, as first time fans will be wary of picking up the Season Pass until after they have completed the initial storyline within the game.

The Deluxe Edition

The slightly more expensive Deluxe Edition of the game will probably be the entry point for most long-time fans looking to return to Capcom’s most successful franchise, and it offers some pretty good items for the higher price point. Weighing in at $89.99, the Deluxe Edition will net you the base game, as well as the Season Pass, which includes 4 additional DLC chapters. To learn more about Resident Evil 7 and the story surrounding its characters, check out our guide on how to prepare for Resident Evil 7.

The Collector’s Edition

Sporting a fairly high price tag of $179.99, the Special Edition version of Resident Evil 7 is only available from GameStop, and at this point is not available for purchase as it is out of stock. Those lucky enough to pick up this version of the game will receive quite a few physical bonuses, including the base game and several physical goodies to add to your collection. These goodies include a Mansion Music box, a 4GB USB drive that looks like the famous Dummy Finger, an exclusive metal case, a VHS tape box for the USB drive, an exclusive lithograph, a creepy note, and premium packaging worthy of being added to your collection.

That’s everything there is to know about the different versions of Resident Evil 7 available for preorder. Remember that preordering the game will earn you some additional goodies, so you should definitely weigh the options and pick it up if you are a fan of the series. We’ll be covering Resident Evil 7 more in-depth as we grow closer to the game’s release, so check back often for new updates, guides, and strategy to help you survive the Baker’s terrifying residence.